Well folks, Yankeedom has shown its rear-end again. New York has just passed a bill that legalizes abortion up until birth if a woman’s health is endangered or the fetus is not “viable”. The woman’s health can range from mental to physical or to just an excuse effectively. This was not done with the idea that a woman’s body is her choice like the left used to do; no, it was done in the name of “reproductive rights.” How sick. This is just a step from modern infanticide which I’m sure the left and Yankeedom will be pushing for within a few years.

The One World Trade Center was lit up in pink as a celebration of “progressivism.” I have no respect for any “woman” willing to kill her fully developed baby for any reason. If her health is endangered she should deal with it and go with the risks. But no, the left wants women to be able to kill their babies for any and every reason. Contrast this with the Australian mother who died to have her baby after refusing chemotherapy. Now that’s a respectable woman with morals, not some hag who brags about her abortions and dead fetuses.

We should be pushing our state legislature to outright ban abortion and implement the ban. Take this nonsense to the Supreme Court now! These people are sick and need to be crushed completely. We should be treating this like segregation, refusing to allow any form of abortion to take place whatsoever. The Federal government should be forced to put troops in our states before we bow and even then we should consider resisting.

If you think a union with these people is still desirable you need to reevaluate your priorities. We should not be making unions with devils such as these. The North is modern Canaan and I can’t say I wish to be a part of it; neither should you. Make no mistake about it, they will be pushing this on us soon enough. Our states are turning blue too, so we can expect to succumb to these snakes eventually. Without control of our borders this is just inevitable. But with control we won’t be succumbing anytime soon. Can you picture an independent South where abortion is even legal at all? Can you picture a independent South where our monuments are being removed and homosexuality being thrust down our throats? The idea is preposterous. This can and has been realized in modern America though.

Is this what kind of country you wish to be part of?

The real picture behind the pink lighting of the One World Trade Center


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