Thirty-five days after the shutdown began, just yesterday, it has been announced that Trump has come to an agreement with the Democrats to fund the government for three weeks while negotiations continue. This move was unwise to say the least. Without the wall comes defeat in 2020 for Trump it is in his best interest to get it no matter what. But Trump is a narcissist and for whatever reason, probably out of said narcissism, cares how the media portrays him. If he shown as a cruel, insensitive, and evil man, Trump will bend because he is a spineless coward. He is unable to deal with the pressure a few loud and useless hirelings cry out for mercy. The Democrats will bend eventually, but now they have been given a reprieve, as have the government workers, many of which do nothing we couldn’t do without. The shutdown was beginning to hurt the Democrats and their image was beginning to deteriorate after repeated attacks by Trump and his followers.

What should have been done is Trump turning a blind eye to the pleas of Democrats and their minions until they finally broke. He and likeminded Republicans might have even crafted a bill to withdraw the salaries of elected figures for something else. Of course the Democrats wouldn’t vote for it and the Republicans wouldn’t either, but Trump’s image would be strengthened as would the senators and congressmen that did vote for it. But no, Trump is going to be a limp-wristed, naïve, nearsighted, optomist. These people are devils, the only way to get them to break is to attack them directly.

Trump also has unwisely refused to deliver the state of the union address unless it was in the House, denying himself a great chance to get his message out and curb the Democrat rhetoric somewhat.

We have many more reasons to despise Trump’s actions throughout his presidency. For sure he has done some great things worthy of praise but his ignorant hindrance he poses to himself continues hurting him and more importantly, us. For starters, most of his closest advisors and cabinet members go against his agenda and downright sabotage many things he does. Furthermore, Trump shills for Israel as if we don’t already shill enough and undercuts the narrative we have been trying to create that legal immigration is just as bad if not worse than illegal immigration.

Recently he has had to redeem himself in the eyes of his powerbase. A good start was shutting down the government and pulling troops out of Syria and Afghanistan. But now the shutdown is to end for a few weeks and the shutdown that comes after will likely not last either. One must wonder, will the pulling out of troops in the Middle East last? It had better if Trump doesn’t want to lose his main supporters.

Trump better know what he’s doing. If the wall isn’t acquired I advise anyone reading to vote for someone other than Trump in 2020 because he won’t get it done if he hasn’t in his first term. I wonder if the construction of the wall is even possible before Trump’s term ends. I don’t know, but I do know the clock is ticking. Trump is on thin ice and better redeem himself. My suggestion is to give no mercy to these sociopaths we call Democrats. If Trump proves unable to do this we must be ready to ditch him for a better candidate. The clock is ticking and I don’t mean the one to 2020.


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