America used to be a Christian nation but now it seems as if true believers have gone into hiding, only ever showing their faith in the confines of a church building. Churches used to do door-to-door soulwinning, but now it is only seen as a waste of time. This viewpoint is not biblical and gets the purpose of soulwinning all wrong.

The purpose is not to fill the church, though that is a perk. The purpose is to (hence the name) win souls to the Lord. As Christians we are commanded to do as such but most Christians leave it to missionaries to prosyletize. This means our local areas are getting neglected as our youth slowly move away from God. Besides, most missionaries use missions as a vacation, not an opportunity to save people.

But there’s another perk of soulwinning. Religiousity is closely linked to conservatism and rightwing sympathies. If we wish to spread our movement, spreading the gospel and making Christians can help us stop the apostasy the younger generations are experiencing. Christians always talk of a revival but don’t work towards it. All talk and no action. Missionaries to Wisconsin and wherever will not restore the faith, only door-to-door witnessing.

Another perk of soulwinning is that it is essentially free, just takes hard work and motivation. When you have free time next, go next door and have a friendly conversation about God instead of sitting in front of the television screen like a mindless drone. If we all were to do this we would see that our states would not be stuck at 40-50 percent church attendence.

Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses are about the only people I know of that do this kind of thing. Giving credit where credit is due, we should admire their passion and work to emulate it. Jesus said to preach the gospel to all nations; surely that doesn’t mean every one except your own. If we are to love our neighbors as one of the most important commandments, we would work to save them from iniquity and Hell. We wouldn’t be sitting around grumbling about the world but not working to change it. Soulwinning is a commandment and one that grants many benefits in the local community and elsewhere; we should heed it and should have never stopped heeding it.

Go knock some doors, get some people saved, help push back against Satan’s onslaught that comes from all directions. Imagine if all Christian Southerners went out and witnessed in their own towns. That revival we’re all wishing for would come soon enough. On Sundays after church, weeknights, or whenever, I urge you to grab a partner and preach the gospel on the doorsteps of your local town. This is a key and necessary step in not just fighting the wickedness of the world but obeying God. Nobody has an excuse because God uses everyone to further his will. You may be a quiet and shy person but when the Holy Spirit comes over you you will be used nonetheless. Should you do this, I wish you luck and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


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