Across the Southland and even America in general we are seeing the Caucasian youth starting to reject the SJW culture. In Dixie especially, we are seeing more events like the MAGA kids happening with young White teens getting political and ready to defend their birthrights. We see this with many showdowns that High schoolers have had when bringing their CSA flag shirts to school. These pro-Southern teens are targeted by hostile capitulating school boards and many carpetbagger classmates as well as Blacks, but many have refused to bend their knee. Case in point being the brave boys in Fayetteville, Arkansas who painted themselves with confederate flags and shirts to show their Southern heritage off. They were told to remove their identity and they refused and were sent home. These boys have shown more testicular fortitude than many of our modern-day politicians have ever been shown to possess.

Proud Southern boy


We are more and more seeing a deep divide between the next generation that we should be both worried and glad about. The next generation of “Americans” certainly aren’t ours as so many of these youth are non-Whites who have had it beaten into them to hate “Whitey”. Nevertheless, the Whites who do remain, especially those in the rural areas of the country, are growing more and more rightwing. Sure, we still have the SJW sons of California and New England but we’re are also seeing a growing movement of disaffected young teens growing increasingly angered at being targeted and ignored by the media. Generation Z will be either Nationalist or Marxist and it seems they’re leaning our way. The middle ground of politics is quickly melted by the flames of political and social discord. I see this as good thing. For years true Nationalists in both the Democrat Party (pre-1970s) and the Republican Party have been hindered by mollycoddle moderates. Moderates like Governor Nathan “Straddle Bug” Deal or even Governor Melvin Thompson if you want an older example. These breeds of moderates are dying off. It’s similar to how after “The Great Compromiser” Henry Clay died that the Union would soon fall into War. Georgia is the prime example of this polarization; the 2014 gubernatorial race had been between a relatively moderate Democrat Jason Carter (who was pro 2nd) vs the weak Knee softie Republican Nathan Deal. In 2018 it was a Trump populist Brian Kemp vs the anti-Southern socialist Stacey Abrams. Trump indeed was the light that lit the flames of polarization. However, polarization in the country has been slowly growing since the wretched 1960s. That decade too was full of polarization and probably would have ended up with war had our leaders had the guts to take up arms. Instead they took a massive step back in the 70s with talks of unity and peace after their humiliating defeat at the hands of the integrationist forces. Hopefully we will not take such a step; reconciliation with devils always dooms the soul. Did God ever reconcile with Lucifer after his betrayal? No, so we shouldn’t reconcile with our enemies as they have made themselves by attacking God.

This is gonna be the other side of the Generation, a brainwashed horde of cosmopolitan bugs

The same people who went into an orgy of euphoria after unlimited abortion was passed in the Godforsaken state of New York. The same vile people who are trying to make an example of the MAGA kids by harassing and condemning them. The pro-life event at Washington scared the elitist liberals, for they saw it was mostly youths and unlike in previous years gray heads weren’t the majority. Whomever controls the youth controls the future. They’ve made sure to live by this rule of thumb for decades but now they are losing their grip over America’s youth. While they’ll no doubt have the non-Whites under their tent of depravity, they are losing the White youths en mass. While many of these youths are just basic MAGApedes who love America and Trump, they’ll become more rightwing as they see America is dead. Their collective persecution at the hands of an anti-White system will harden their resolves. The attack on Trump by the relentless lying media will anger them. They will see Trump being hounded by the leftist dogs and thus will see the left for what they really are, Godless, wicked reprobates. Southern Nationalists must be there to welcome these youngsters after President Trump is overwhelmed by his nefarious and numerous enemies. We must take the place of the weakling wing of the national Republican Party. We’ll give them the promise that our victory will mean an end to abortion, we won’t be scared into the corner like SCOTUS Brett Kavanaugh, we’ll stand our ground against the baby killing harpies. We’ll bring an end to affirmative action and minority quotas. We’ll shutdown our borders and rid the country of illegals and leftwing subversives. We’ll make the promises that the weak GOP has failed to make good on. This is what these young nationalists want, and while we can’t deliver this on a national scale we can work on the local. The Youth are attracted to decisive action, not pondering and posturing that these old senile Republicans love to do, windbags like John McCorpse, Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell. Screw playing nice and with some sappy milquetoast “decorum”. You can’t play fair and with honor against a batch of ignominious curs like the ones who make up the Democratic Party.




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