Too often do I hear people say the fight is over and that we have already lost. The blackpill has been taken by too many of us. The future looks grim from a statistical viewpoint, no doubt about it. Whites will be a minority within four decades and republicans will be unable to win elections within just one decade most people claim. As minority populations grow and White populations dwindle, this sentiment can be understandable, but there are a few key flaws.

First, the exodus of White voting blocs to the republican side and the simultaneous exodus of neocons stands to push the Republican Party further right and give them voters to hold off the blue and brown waves for a while. We can see this in the Midwest quite well where Indiana and similar states have experienced a resurgence of White racial consciousness and rightwing votes. Though the Midwest is part of Yankeedom, I will say that there is hope because it isn’t nearly as bad as the West Coast or New England. Many Southerners also live there, especially along the Ohio river.

Blacks vote over 90 percent for the left while Whites vote about 60 percent for republicans, hence why America is split between the two parties on and off. With the recent Covington High incident and more attacks on Whites, we can expect Whites to start voting more in favor of republicans, perhaps even going 80 percent. Of course the brain washing will have to be dealt with but elements of it are being chipped away all the time. In the South White Southerners vote 80 percent republican already, more in some places. As the old democrats die out and the more conservative generation Z takes over we can expect this to increase. Of course this doesn’t mean the overall voting patterns of areas will take a rightward lunge, just the White votes. Since Whites are the most powerful group in the country and will be the most powerful for at least another century, this will affect politics as a whole and will be very beneficial to us. The fight is far from over.

Becoming a minority isn’t the end as the blackpilled pessimists would have you believe. It seems grim as I said before, but it isn’t the end of the world. We were a minority once in the South. After emancipation Black republicans and carpetbaggers challenged us for the sovereignty of our respective states. Dixie stood to become New Afrika. However, White Southerners perservered and before long the Blacks did not. In the early 20th Century many of them migrated north and west in the great migration, just enough to propel Whites into a commanding position in the South with the help of European immigration. For several decades after the war it seemed as if the South would cease to be itself but as we know, it survived just as we did.

I can understand the sentiment of throwing your hands up and retreating from politics altogether. It’s frustrating at times and sometimes our defeats outnumber our victories. Still, we must remember what we are fighting for and how vital it is. If we wish to have a land where we can be free and live the Southern lifestyle, surrounded by our kin and not strangers, giving up is not an option. Every man must go into the fray regardless of how pointless it seems. Some of the greatest victories have been won in the wake of seemingly meaningless endevours. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Some way or another we will pull through and our dream will be realized.

There is still hope.


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