With disturbing and shameful news of the New York’s new abortion law, it is time for the South to take a stand for the unborn. Georgia in particular must take a stand. We must send a message to the Godless reprobate North and stop standing in the moderate position, trying to play nice and being “those good southerners”, those Southerners who get the Yankee’s approval by surrendering their birthright.

Everyone wants to use President Trump as an excuse for inaction, “oh, we don’t need to act because Trump is already doing the job for us”. I hate to break it to these people, but President Trump is unreliable at best and a cowardly blowhard at worse. I don’t say this with prejudice because he’s of the North but because he just caved and possibly ruined the chance to get us the wall he promised us. Keep in mind this was right after he promised, again, that he wouldn’t cave on the shutdown. How can we count on Trump when he can’t even keep his own political allies’ doors from getting kicked in by the FBI?

Seriously, I wanted to give the man the benefit of the doubt, I hoped he would stand strong and demand the wall being payed. He just isn’t reliable on anything, one week he’s promising to end birthright citizenship and the next week he’s flirting with the idea of DACA amnesty. The fact is that from the day he let us down on the “lock her up” promise the enemy has seen him as little more than a political punching bag that occasionally will swing back and hit them when they hit too hard, sometimes.

My main point is that Georgia and other Southern states must act independently of the federal government. In Georgia there is already talk of an anti-abortion bill that will counter the recent baby genocide bill passed by the Wolf Spider Governor of New York. I hope the heartbeat bill gets passed in the Georgia General Assembly and that Governor Kemp is serious in new GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigation) anti-gang unit. I think that if both of these ideas are put into action that Georgia will be on the road to redeeming itself from years of weak-kneed moderation. I’d encourage the General Assembly to go even further than the heartbeat bill, I want a total statewide ban on abortion. A total ban that includes harsh punishments for any wench seeking an abortion and any doctor willing to aide in such an abortion. Ignore Roe V. Wade, we all agree the ruling was wrong so why not defy it? The State of Georgia has the power to do so if she wished and the Supreme Court could have another go at the foul ruling. What is the Federal Government really going to do if we do overturn Rose V Wade? Nothing, a least nothing that would be worth letting mass infanticide take place in Georgia. I fully believe that Georgia would be backed by the rest of the South and many other conservatives in other states outside the South.


As for Kemp’s anti-gang taskforce he should take that to the next level as well. I want him to totally decimate the drug peddlers and bong rats that are ruining our state. He has both the legal right and moral right to do so. He has the power to do so, so he should. Brian Kemp has the chance to become the greatest Georgia Governor since Lester Maddox. I have no problem with Kemp using lethal force on the various street thugs infesting our state. Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines, has used lethal force to crush the crime pandemic in his country and as a result the Philippines have seen a drastic decrease in drugs and crime. Kemp should follow the Philippine leader’s example and bring an end to the opioid epidemic that has brought an end to so many lives. The Georgia State Police and State Guard should be given the full authority to hunt down every single drug dealer inside the state borders. Again, many think that this is impossible yet it’s not. Kemp would overwhelmingly have the backing of the Georgia people as well as other conservatives in other states. The only thing that would stop him would be a few treasonous judges, but they can be ignored and rammed through. Let them make their decrees, they have no means to enforce them if Governor Kemp stands his grounds. Kemp is the commander in chief of all the armed forces in the State of Georgia. Judges have no power unless you let them have that power by bending your knee to them like a submissive coward. Georgia must be cleaned of drugs and it’s the Governor’s duty to do so.

Use these guys to clean out the gangs

While both the scenarios I put forward are unlikely we should not cease to demand that the Governor act on them. We must demand he destroy the drug dealers and baby killers in the state. To bring an end to the opioid problem that is killing so many young people and the feminists who have been killing so many infants. He says he’s pro-life and anti-drugs so he must prove it. Why should we sit in idleness while leftwing states like California and New York go to the extremes? We must humble the excited blood thirsty New Yorkers by showing them that their plot to murder the unborn in Georgia will not succeed. We must show them we value the lives of the unborn and don’t give two dimes about the lives of violent drug peddling scum. If Governor Andrew The Wolf Spider Cuomo is willing make statements like “I will be advancing legislation to remove the death penalty — and its ugly stain in our history — from State law once and for all” while making it legal to kill infants in the womb up to few moments before child birth I think the time has come for the Governor of Georgia to finally outlaw the mass slaughtering of the unborn.


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