The Governor of Virginia, Ralph “Turn-Coat” Northam (D), has recently found himself in the Frying Pan that he helped meld. The fool who tried to kowtow to the masses of liberal carpet baggers and Latinos who have invaded Virginia. His Democratic allies have completely turned on him over some trivial picture taken during his time in medical school. The picture obviously was meant to be tongue in cheek with some goofy looking blackface and a drunken Klansmen being drinking buddies. Let me make it clear that there’s really nothing wrong with the picture and black face. This is all about anti-White shaming, even White liberal shaming.

Seriously these leftwing people are acting like he was actually a Klan member or was a former closet skinhead. I’ve seen several news stations talking about “grieving and headaches” over some college student in the 80’s messing around. This is nothing more than a massive virtue signal fest by weak knee Democrats and sappy Republicans to show their devotion, or more like obedience, to political correctness. Blacks in Virginia see this as a great opportunity to crush a powerful, however morally weak, White man. They and others don’t care that he’s a “liberal”, they just want to “get Whitey”. That’s why they are calling for the resignation of Northam. The Black Democrats are using this as a power mover to pull the rug on the alliance of White native scalawags and carpetbagger Yankees in the Democrat Party. They want to place their own on the Governor’s seat, that being Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, who would be next in line for the Virginia Governorship if the spineless Northam was to resign. This is what multiculturalism breeds, constant struggle and weakness.

Usually at this point I would be siding with Northam, a native Virginian, but the man is a pathetic sniveling nose loser. This is the man who is so far up the feminists’ backside that he openly said we should consider aborting after birth, which is text book definition for infanticide. This punk actually thought he could out-cuck the blood thirsty New York Governor. Mind you this was all just a few days before the Year Book bomb. This quisling basically campaigned on taking down the monuments of Virginia’s forefathers and warriors, all to appease offended Blacks and liberals. Now these same Robespierreish rapscallions want his head on a stick. Such irony. This is the fate of every scalawag quisling who decides it’s a good an idea to side with Leftist Yankees and Blacks. This pathetic worm is getting exactly what he deserves for siding with Democrats. I hope he resigns and heck, he just might, though his successor may be worse. The man has spent his whole life shamefully graveling to Yankee liberals and Blacks and fellow worthless scalawags so I won’t be surprise when he commits political seppuku and hands the Governorship over to an inept Black radical. More and more Virginia is beginning to resemble a ridiculous banana republic so it will be fitting when they get their Black overlord that liberals have always desired.


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