In light of the recent push for abortion by the left, moderates have attempted to calm the right’s outrage by stating that the abortions now being allowed in New York are extremely restricted. Hardly any babies will be aborted this way and the right is making a whole big deal out of nothing they say.

The problem is that any abortion is murder; therefore any doing away with restrictions is a major issue, especially when the New York bills and the proposed Virginia bill allow for perfectly healthy babies to be killed to help the mother’s “mental health”. The baby has to be delivered anyhow, it’s just going to be delivered as a stillborn. This is sick and psychotic and there is no excuse. But let’s examine the foundation this is all built on that being that a fetus is not a living human being but is just a “clump of cells”. Do keep in mind that the left is no heading toward not considering babies that have already been born are not human beings either.

The common leftist chant of “my body my choice” holds no weight in the face of actual science which the left claims to follow. Every cell of an organism’s body has the exact same DNA, though it may be used for different roles. This cannot be said for a fetus, which has half of its DNA coming from the mother and half from the father. The fetus may also have a different blood type (because it has different genes). How then is a fetus the mother’s body? What human body part separates and grows into a new organism? We don’t reproduce asexually.

The left has no counter to this, just incoherent mantras. If said enough they figure people will stop trying and they will. This is jow the left operates because they have many fundamental arguments that fly in the face of science. This is why the meme that leftism is a mental disorder honestly has merit. People like Governor Northam have become so radicalized, so insane, that they no longer see newborns as humans. How long until they no longer see toddlers as humans? Children? For the common, sensible person, this is nothing less than insanity.

This is why we must give the left no quarter on any matter concerning abortion. Any removal of limitations is allowing for more murder. Abortion shouldn’t be legal at all, so why would we dismiss the abortions of babies in the process of being delivered and yes, in case you don’t know, that is exactly what the left has come to.

These fiends should be put in mental institutions and the entire institution of abortion purged from our country. Our states should begin the process of shutting down abortion centers and jailing abortion doctors. The feds will come in of course, but we will take it to the Supreme Court and not just undo Roe V Wade, but ban abortion outright. We are fighting muderers and should act as such.


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