After months of promises by various Pro-White and Neo-Confederate groups that there would be a rally at Stone Mountain it seems their plans fell through. How? I don’t know. Mainly there was worries about safety amongst our fellow Pro-CSA folks. I’ve heard bits and pieces of info and drama about the Rock Stone Mountain rally, but I don’t care to dig into it. I wasn’t part of the planning and didn’t intend to go unless I felt it was being managed well so I can’t really talk on what went down. I can speak for the facts. The facts are that local police were giving the organizer some problems, and someone shut the Park down so there would no marching up the Mountain like last time. While the pro-confederates lost their nerves, perhaps understandably after the set up that took place in C-Ville, the left wingers didn’t.

All day long the Stone Mountain visiting center was crawling with communists and anarchists and other leftwing rabble. They came armed, masked, and loud. Them being masked should have earned them all arrests as being masked in public is an offense in the state of Georgia, yet the police didn’t seem in the “mood” to enforce it, perhaps the CSA organizers had a point about worries of safety. This is all besides the point. News2Share took a video of the egalitarian marchers in which you can clearly see what sort of people these “counter protesters” were. They did their usual shouting and yelling and burning, this time an effigy of a Klansman instead of private property like they usually do. They also couldn’t give two dimes about “muh optics” as they came with Communist flags and shouting about how we should let immigrants in. Many of the Antifa members interviewed were of Atlanta, like I say, the Atlanta City Birds. Many looked like your typical skinny little lowlife cosmopolitan millennials. There was also a few Jews but that’s not in any way surprising.

I was more surprised by how they were armed, usually they only carry piss bottles and pepper spray but this time they seemed ready for a shootout. Carrying guns is by no means illegal in Georgia, and it shouldn’t be, however this isn’t Antifa’s typical MO. They might have realized that the Klan or rightwing militias would have also been carrying. This could have very well have escalated had the Neo-Confederate/Heritage guys not backed off. Make of that as you will. We should be worried at the growing amount of filth in the Metro-Atlanta area. These rootless imps are the same people who almost delivered the state back under Negro Rule, under the rule of the fatheaded anti-Southern Miss Gap Tooth, who’s flirting with the idea of either a Senate run in 2020 or a redo at the Governorship in 2022. She’s also been chosen to give the Democratic Response to Trump’s state of the Union address, we’ll see how both of those go. We must realize that Abram’s defeat, while blocking the immediate destruction of Georgia, doesn’t mean the invaders of our soil are no longer a threat. The Atlanta City Birds are more incensed than before, and they truly believe that Kemp stole their chance to have the Nation’s first Black governor. That was something they were really looking forward to bragging about on their visits back home to New York and California. Keep in mind that unlike President Nimrod, who refused to go after Hillary like he promised, these rapscallions are extremely vindictive. They really do want to blow Stone Mountain sky high, along with their Black allies in the NAACP. We must start seeing Atlanta as the hotbed of subversion and communism that it really is. I strongly advise going back to the County Unit vote.



We should look to our options at hand here in Georgia. There is still plenty of hope here. Brian Kemp, the man the media made into a backwoods redneck hater who holds teens at gun point, won the governorship. The true Georgia spirit still lives on. It lies not in Atlanta, except in some of those monuments and road names, which is why leftist zealots want them removed, but in the rural communities around the state. Governor Kemp has a chance to further radicalize the true people of Georgia into the light and away from the darkness of decay that we are seeing taking place in Virginia. He could spend his term hopping and dodging any “controversial” issues like Gov Nathan “Straddle Bug” Deal did during his sorry term or he can finally stick it to the corrupt Atlanta urbanites who have long been a bane in Georgia’s hide. He must throw away all this kumbaya rhetoric about coming together and unity, we can have no unity with these radical zealots of the left. No compact with the Devil. Kemp has the power to finally humble those arrogant city windbags who have long gloated about their upper-class ways over us “backwood trash”. The people who elected Kemp want him to bring the hammer down on these leftwing hooligans. Hopefully he listens to reason and sense.

Cosmopolitan Atlanta
True Georgians





  1. Conservative Georgians,as well as other Southrons, are coming face to face with
    the demographic reality created by decades of two party treason. We have a very small window of opportunity left whereby we will have any political clout remaining, as a collective. The time is past due that we embrace the “system” and work it to our advantage like all other groups do. A “Southern Party” with a strictly conservative agenda could almost immediately leverage the GOP, and eventually replace it in the South.

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  2. I. E. ‘we will vote for you(the GOP) if you promise us xyz, if you don’t, we will vote for your opponent even it it means voting for a communist. That’s leverage.

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    1. I see what you mean. The problem is that with communists is that they’ll actually do what they say, meaning once elected they’ll go right after guns and the statues. It doesn’t take them years to do so


      1. “The enemy who is known poses less threat than the traitor…” We know what the communists will do. We know that the “Republican” patriotards have deceived us and have no intention of protecting what’s valuable to us. They are the REAL threat. The damn GOP is only tilling ground for the communists. These are currently the ONLY choices for leadership the Southern man has. Do you see this changing any time soon, on it’s own? How is the secession movement idea being accepted by our people? Have you seen any mad rush to sign up for secession? I’m as much as a secessionist as anyone here, but the reality is that it is not palatable for the average Southern man. The Southern man has told us loud and clear that he wants to work within the system. Why are we not listening instead of droning on and on about the pie-in-the-sky platitudes of our ancestry and heritage?


      2. Their isn’t a mass rush for secession because of Trump, too many Southerners think he’s gonna save us. However, more and more are seeing this a futile and as a result they’ll move to something else.


      3. Secession will be accepted because it will be the last option short of revolt, something which people fear more than anything. Their merely checking their list off, next box will be secession, given us fire-Eaters can keep it in the public discussion


  3. Listen, I enjoy your commentary but I’m getting the feeling that youre not looking at the big picture here. Before Trump, it was the Republicans that were going to save us. When Trump is gone, there will be nothing, and we’ll be sitting here with no more hope or representation than we had when I joined the SN movement over ten years ago. You’re fooling yourself if you think a half dozen fire eaters on keyboards can mobilize our people. It’s not going to happen. On the other hand, Southerners still vote(for now) and especially if they had something to vote for other than the status quo, or some rich yankee. We have an opportunity to offer our people real “hope and change” but the steps have to be taken via the “system” that we all abhor, for the purpose of uniting our people. Once united, people can be spoon fed anything, including secession, but you cant go from 0 to 60 in the meantime. That’s all I have to say…

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