We’ve heard a lot from president Trump this last week. On Tuesday he gave the State of the Union and on Friday he signed the W-GDP, an initiative that will give $50 million to foreign countries to aid their women as a celebration of women’s achievements here. No surprise this came from Trump’s idealistic bimbo for a daughter, Ivanka.

Anyhow, the real telling matter is the State of the Union, a speech that at a glance was done well and definately was entertaining. There were some major flaws, some that go beyond the speech as a whole and portray Donald Trump in general. First we’ll cover the obvious misstep, the 20-30 minute rambling on the Holocaust. We’ve all had it hammered into our minds already that the Holocaust happened and was horrible. We all know and can recite several survivor stories despite most of us not even knowing a Jew. This is a State of the Union address though, and the fact so much time was poured into virtue-signaling is absurd. I could deal with a passing mention but there are more pressing matters; and those pressing matters do not include childhood cancer.

The cancer bit was short, heartwarming, and great, but unimportant compared to other issues. Pardon me but we have a massive crisis at the border, immigration is at an all time high, and the opioid crisis is still raging.

Speaking of the opioid crisis, Trump bragged about declining rates of unemployment among Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics. That’s great but I wonder why he didn’t mention the majority group in America, White Americans, at all in that segment. White Americans are the only group that have seen their deaths rates rise in the last few decades, mostly as a result of “deaths of despair”. This includes suicides, overdoses, and sometimes death from alchohol. White people engage in this destructive behavior for many reasons but among them is declining job opportunities.

Perhaps Trump could have mentioned this fact and shown just where Congress’s loyalties lie. A missed opportunity, but it makes one question where his loyalties lie. He did say he wants as many immigrants as possible to come into this country. Reminds me of Joe Biden’s quote of an unrelenting flow. This won’t help White Americans with despair, it will only exacerbate it. Is this what Trump wants? Is he so feverishly devoted to helping minorities who will never vote for him (on average) that he sacrifices the health of over 200 million White Americans?

More pandering came when Trump congratulated women on their achievements as well as the most female congress we’ve ever had. I hardly see that as an achievement, though I hope the way the Democrats reacted to that and the other comments he made as telling, especially among independents that watched the speech.

Given all this virtue-signaling, one has to wonder how this was a great speech. Trump did, to his credit, mention the border crisis, but I would have preferred it if that was what he hammered in, not the Holocaust, something that had nothing to do with America except for us stopping it. It was a waste of time to gain approval when what he should have been doing is addressing the state of the union (empire). Instead of spending 30 minutes on the Holocaust, spend ten on it and twenty on the opioid crisis which was only given a passing mention if anything.

Ah, but his horrid bill he calls “prison reform” will release thousands of criminals back onto the streets to commit more crime. How wonderful.

All this begs one to wonder whether Trump’s objectives on various issues are really what we need. Is his heart in the right place? He is supposed to be our president too, not just Black and Hispanics. Of course he has done great things like repairing the manufacturing industry, but that is omly part of the deaths of despair. Furthermore, why did he use his guests to include Holocaust victims and not even one to include the Covington Catholic School boy, Nick Sandmann. All in all the speech and the past week in general has been a series of events where Trump strays from the path, virtue-signals, and neglects the main issues. At the very least you should agree that though it was entertaining, the SOTU was a disgrace to our movement. It neglected to even mention us, celebrated things that do not help us or are irrelevant, and failed on the many opportunities. In light of what the speech and this past week could have been, the last thing I would call it is “great.”


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