We are constantly hearing liberals crying and demanding that things be banned, whether it’s guns, CSA flags, “hate speech,” and/or even straws. They say these things hurt people and are to dangerous to be allowed to flourish and continue in their society. We know this is all just a bunch of lies aimed at undermining us but there is certainly validity in banning things. I propose banning feminism. Calm down, I know this will seem as some edgy new “hot take”, but I have many valid reasons and ways to stop feminism.

Feminism in any of it’s supposed forms must be seen as a toxic plague. While many softie conservatives will argue that basic feminism is a great and wonderful thing because they look at its textbook definition, which is according to the Marian Webster Dictionary, is “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes”. They always speak highly of the “1st wave of feminism”, which was supposedly only on equal voting rights for women. Yet these women, called suffragists, were already flirting with the idea of “free love” and birth control. Voting for them was an only a means towards an end. I should also note that this wave of feminism in America was purely a New England invention, unlike what many people will say Jews had little to do with this wave. The South strongly opposed feminism, with statesmen like William L Yancey (D-AL) and “Tom Cotton” Heflin (D-AL) denouncing it. The South was also the last in ratifying the 19th amendment. By the 1960s Feminism reappeared in it’s supposed 2nd Wave with its ugliness fully out on display and by 1973 we had the Supreme Court legalizing infant murder. Quite a transformation, right? No, actually, this was always the direction that Feminism was heading to because it’s fundamentally wrong to begin with. Women aren’t the same as men, thus they shouldn’t get equal rights (btw equal rights is usually code word for special rights). It’s that simple. Does this mean that women are bad? No, just that they are not the same as men and were not made that way and shouldn’t be falsely elevated to be such. Indeed, they have been falsely elevated through affirmative action and other government and system mandates. Women have been told since they were little girls that they are equal to men and thus should never take order from any man. However, what does the Bible say on such things?

Genesis 3:16

“Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.”

Ephesians 5:22

“Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.”

1 Corinthians 14:34

“Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.”

If you claim to be a Christian and also call yourself a feminist than you’re a liar. The Bible makes it quite clear where a women’s place is. That place is as aide and home maker to her husband. To be chaste until marriage, men should do likewise. Feminist however spit on any idea of women not being in a business suit or being a harlot who would spread her legs to the Easer Bunny. Feminist slander and bash the home maker while alleging to be for women empowerment. Arch-Feminists, the women who fully whole heartily buy into the false creed of Feminism, meanwhile live terrible shallow lives either being a lonely cat lady, a used and abused hussy or an greedy career women. What do these three feminist life styles have in common? No children. You see feminism has always been about power and children, feminists themselves will actually agree with this point. It has always been about making sure women, especially White women, stop reproducing and having kids. To break the family unit down, the family unit which feminist claim has held women back form sort of magical success. The people behind the scenes from the 60’s all the way till now have always had abortion and lowering the birth rate in mind. They love the idea of dead babies or single unwed mothers. If women are working than the government gets more taxes. If women are working corrupt companies have a bigger job pool to pull from, meaning they can pay less. If women go to college than they can be taught to hate themselves and will be drained with student debt which will make it even harder than usual to have children. Greed is a big reason while feminism has been allowed to achieve dominion over our society. 1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil:”

Feminism makes a profit

Yet there is of course more at play. That being the plans of globalists and anti-white Jews and other likeminded egalitarians. These people care about money, but their main goal is to break down the family unit to make Southerners/White people easier to control. Feminism produces dead or bastard children; dead and fatherless children are easy to control and will rarely make defenders of their people. Keep in mind that the single greatest indicator of poverty is being an unwed single mother. Thus, these bastard children, assuming of course Miss Jezebel doesn’t abort them, can be given surrogate fathers. Father figures like rappers, imaginary super heroes and Hollywood actors, ones that are under complete control of the masters of the Mass media. Then they can teach these fatherless kids to be soulless and rootless and to embrace hedonism and drugs. Meanwhile the mother rots away in her own filth, whether regrets or some STD from all those years of “empowerment”. True female empowerment is not being a whore, its not being a business woman, it’s not being single but being happily married with kids. Children are what women are made for, this is not a disparagement for women but a duty and a privilege. What’s more important than giving birth to the next generation? Is getting plowed by ignoramus lustful blacks or some whoremonger white trash? Is wasting your years away in the corporate world chasing the almighty dollar? Is being a lonely “mother” of cats, who are only truly sad replacements for an inner want of children? I’ve yet to find a home maker traditional woman who has regrets over years of raising a proper family and being a docile and caring mother. However, we are seeing an increasing wave of middle age women desperately trying to have kids yet realizing their too late or their bodies are not in decent shape to safely bare child. Or they are too used up and rotten, both physically and spiritually, for any man to want to marry. Sad. My ultimate point is that feminism is a death cult that brings forth destruction and troubles. It brings forth millions of aborted fetuses and broken homes. It puts a divide between the sexes. It hurts both women and man. It should be banned, not guns. In America way more innocent lives have been taken by wicked doctors and harlot mothers than by bullets of some derange gunmen. Feminism has spoiled a generation of women and thus feminism, no not women, should be removed. No more letting it be taught in our schools. Turn off the TV when any Feminist propaganda is on, or better yet all together. Warn your womenfolk of the evils and depravities that feminism brings. Don’t let them be indoctrinated with such treacherous poison. In A Free Dixie we can look forward to a total ban on feminism but for now we’ll have to just settle with trying to overturn Roe V Wade and combating other new wretched feminist social trends. We can slowly start removing the cancer that is feminism, and like a cancer it is never good, no matter what it’s stage might be.

Feminist Option 1
Feminist Option 2 “Swinger Life”, end results
Feminist Option 3 : Career women
Trad way

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  1. Excellent article. Right on. I totally agree with the author’s conclusions. As a white, senior male, I tire of having to constantly deal with “liberated women” who basically hate men and are incredibly unhappy and unfulfilled.
    A few years back I read an article telling why men were leaving the church in droves. The reason “the feminisation of the church.” It has got to stop.


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