Trump released his State of the Union/Empire speech a week ago, but hardly any of it focused on the South and a good deal focused on non-American issues. Stacy Abrams released the Democrat response, likened to the Democrat State of the Union. But what is the state of the South?

For starters our new representatives, senators, and governors have just taken power. While some are not with us on every issue, the next two years are looking bright on the local level, maybe not so much on the national. Anyhow.

Ron Desantis in Florida appears to be making pragmatic common sense moves, suspending Jewish carpetbagger and weak-kneed sheriff Scott Israel who stood by as young Floridians were massacred. He also scrapped common core education and put an end to absurd bonuses teachers had been getting for their SAT scores some decades ago. His solution to the bonuses is to give them to teachers who show progress with students. Young and eager for action, Desantis has shown us he is a promising governor.

That’s great news but news like that won’t be coming out of Virginia for a while. Quite the contrary. Governor Northam and the Virginia Democrats’ willingness to support outright infanticide is absurd but happening regardless. The Democrats have shown a strong resolve to make a dash for it while they still can; we should do the opposite while we still can. A battle over abortion is sure to take place the next two years especially if Ginsburg doesn’t make it and Trump happens to appoint a new Supreme Court justice. Even if that doesn’t happen it will escalate and we should be prepared to be ruthless. I think this issue deserves that much.

Other governors are less reprehensible and are promising even if they aren’t as action-packed as Desantis may be. Kemp has made some big talk but has yet to do much though it is early. Tennessee Bill Lee has been similar although important issues are coming to the front as Tennessee considers a heartbeat bill that Lee has condoned. The opioid crisis is also an issue that could be dealt with. As of right now it has spread significantly since 2000 and is especially bad in the Appalachian Mountains, particularly in the South. If we wish to make our states better this is a major way to do that; however, much of it has to do with immigration as mentioned below.

The attacks on our monuments have of course continued, nothing unsurprising. We should aim to make protections to the monuments amendments come 2020 so that they are further strengthened. In upcoming elections in Kentucky, Mississippi, and Louisiana the South stands to get better, more decisive governors and possibly flip Louisiana red but the reverse might happen in Mississippi as well.

Of greater concern is the national stage, specifically the border. Will Trump get it done or will he flop? Stopping illegals can help Republicans in the political sphere as the immigration process is slowed and illegal voting occurs less. It’s in our interests to crack down on it as well as the few sanctuary cities we have in our region. All should be cleansed thoroughly and innovative ideas might be the answer. One thing is for sure though, Republicans will need to get tough. Waged have been falling, mostly due to immigration, since the 70s; crime has made a steady march up since the 50s; happiness and depression has skyrocketed along with suicide, especially for Whites. This is an invasion and a pretty violent one too.

So that’s where we stand; Republicans setting up to reform Florida and Georgia, Democrats setting up to destroy Virginia and whatever else they can get their hands on, and Trump fumbling around. Maybe he will get the wall done, maybe he will be the president ultimately responsible for reversing Roe V Wade. I don’t know for certain but I do know we ought to crack down on it while we still can. Texas is just a few elections away from turning blue and its neighbor states will fall sooner or later. Something must be done and it definately isn’t sitting around passing spending most of the year debating unimportant subjects like what to do about horse racing and gambling. The time for action is now.


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