The entire national establishment are sending its arrows of destruction down on Dixie. For those who haven’t been paying attention to the events unfolding in Virginia I think it’s about time you do. We are seeing mass chaos and back stabbing taking place in the once great Dominion State. The land of Lee, Jackson, Washington, and Jefferson is under the rule of a weak spineless class of cowards and quislings. Why is it like this? Well, it’s quite simple, we lost the War. The whole reason we seceded in 1861 was to prevent the Yankee control of our land; to stop the radical abolitionists and their Federalist allies. Both of these two groups, which were usually one in the same but not always, are now holding the keys to power in Virginia and the nation as a whole. Radical egalitarian zealots who have long since moved on from abolition and on to other various godless ism’s. The federalists seek to devour and take more power for themselves and away from everyday Americans. This is all a massive cycle of constant corruption and villainy.


Can we forget the dark days of Reconstruction when the Yankee/scalawag/Black governments brought total ruin and decadence to an already weakened and plundered South? The same thing is happening today in Virginia where you have immigrants flooding into the state from the North, South (Mexico) and West (Californians). Northern Virginia, the land of General Lee, has been reduced to a playground for degenerate federal workers taking time off from the D.C. Swamp. Now the state is in chaos over a old year book photo of the cuckhold Governor in black face. Now, we have that wretched Snake, James Comey, a cosmopolitan New Yorker, saying that the solution to these problems is to remove the beautiful Confederate statues in Richmond.

“Expressing bipartisan horror at blackface photos is essential, but removing the statues would show all of America that Virginia really has changed.”

How dare this cut-throat yellow belly demand that Virginia remove her statues to her heroes. He has no right to say such things. What happens in Virginia is none of that man’s business. This man should be sitting on death row for committing treason against the people of America, instead he’s shooting his big Yankee mouth about the domestic affairs of Virginia. It seems that Governor Northam “The North’s Ham”will be taking the former FBI Director’s advice. In some twisted leftwing religious ceremony, the scalawag governor will offer up the Confederate Statues of the state as sacrificial lambs to the vindictive blood thirsty leftists who are clamoring for his head on a John Brown pike. Keep in mind this is all over some goofy sophomoric college photo. This is what the leftist zealots demand from a submissive scalawag who 30 years ago decided to put black paint on his face for a year book photo, what will they demand from a Southerner who is proud of his heritage, identity and their people? I’ll tell you what they have demanded in the past.

Burning of Columbia 1865

In the past they demanded that our cities and towns be looted and burned to a cinder. When we wanted self-governance in 1861, they called for the utter and total annihilation of the Southern States and her people. They marched throughout our land ravishing our women and harassing and brutalizing our elderly. Can we forget how they burned Atlanta and Columbia? How they broke the handle of Washington’s cane to show their distain for the Virginia born founding father. They did this all in the name of UNION and “BROTHERHOOD”. The same “virtues” they preach to us today that they claim are so important to our society.

Southerners being removed from Missouri by US troopers
“Brotherhood & Unity”

What will they demand now? First you’ll be doxed, imprisoned, and starved to death, if not outright demanding we be put to death. Flooded and left to the elements. Just look at twitter and you’ll see plenty of mainstream people demanding the South/Whites be destroyed in the name of “unity and universal brotherhood”. This is what Comey and Northam want, unity, at the expense of the White South and Whites as a whole. If you agree with them than you’re nothing more than a gutless coward. Those statues have way more value than 500 million left-wingers combined. Those statues are monuments to real people, something these lowly NPC’S are not. People who respected and honored their ancestors. People who would fight for what they believed was right. Their cause was right and with time it has only been proven 10 times so. The cause was to stop these fanatical egalitarians from taking over our nation and ultimately destroying it. They fought tooth and nail to stop the James Comey’s and Hillary’s of their time from taking over the South. They lost, but they deserved to be remember even more so because of that.

These symbols are not just metallic men on horses, only the shallowest lemmings believe such, but symbols of true hope and true heroes and patriots. They are role models and reminders of a previous Golden Era of Greatness. This is why these cultural Marxist globalists scum are so determined to tear them all down. It has nothing to do with slavery but with different & conflicting views on order and life. The Comey’s, McCain’s and Coumo’s believe that people are nothing more than machines and consumers, interchangeable parts that are EQUAL. Thus, replacing a middle collar hard working Southern man, whose family has been here for decades, with some Latino border jumper means nothing to them. Culture and race mean nothing to them, only what products they can sell using such culture. They believe destroying everything if it means more profit and false equality. These people are demonic and must be stopped. But how?


Once again, I’ll advocate secession and membership in the League. I’ve explained my reasons for secession in multiple previous articles so if one is interested in this, read those; however, I really haven’t discussed my reasons for promoting the League of the South. First off, the League is a legitimate and well tested organization. They’ve been around for over two decades and have been active all during that time. They also stand strong on their values, never compromising, unlike the backstabbing Republican Party leaders. They embrace the Southern Identity instead of tip toeing around the issue or playing coy. They have aggressive and wise leaders who while not perfect are certainly better than President Nimrod. The League is the spear tip the South needs to see itself freed. Whatever can be said about its membership, numerically speaking, I’d much rather have a smaller band of loyal dedicated likeminded organization than have an organization that is constantly undermining itself to win brownie points with the enemy, e.g the Roy Moore disavows. We can’t count on those blithering idiots in the GOP.

The League on the other hand has literally risked life and limb standing up for Southern Heritage and identity, e.g like how they stood against hundreds of leftist hoodlums at Charlottesville and New Orleans. While there are other groups that support and defend Southern heritage, the League is the only one that sees the bigger picture and threat. It’s more than the left not understanding “heritage not hate”, its that THEY HATE US and OUR HERITAGE. As a result, we must respond with righteous anger and with a mind for victory, not a defensive based debate. I’m by no means disregarded other rightwing/confederate groups, the League is just the best mix of those groups. It brings to the table the strong offensive and a stern respectable defense, one that doesn’t border sniveling. The League is by no means perfect but no modern political group, at least in the United States, is. They are improving themselves in every category and growing where it’s meaningful. But they can only continue doing so with the support of the Southern peoples. Support that is well deserved and necessary to the survival and well being of the South and perhaps the larger European people. If even 15% of the Southern people join the League you will see massive victories across the board, victories that you aren’t seeing with the GOP on their best day with 90% of the South’s support. The League and its leaders understand the problem and bring to the tables real solutions to real issues. Do Your Duty to the South and join or at the very least lend your support. The leftists won’t hesitate to back their own forces. Don’t fail to do the same with ours.

Leaguemen clear street of Antifa thugs


League leader takes BLM banner, unlike the GOP who try to walk the line with BLM

LS flag bearers

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