Being around a true leftist, it won’t be long until you hear the bogeyman known as “White privilege” come up, usually to mock someone who isn’t poor (but not necessarily rich) or just happens to be able to relate to the common culture. That is White privilege and it is real. The argument amongst leftists is what to do with it. This can range from reparations to simply realizing it exists. Rightwingers go through hoops and hurdles to deny it exists, usually out of a misunderstanding of what leftists mean by it.

White privilege isn’t simply having more money or resources, it is also being in a position where your culture is the dominant culture. This is why poor Whites are routinely harped on for having privilege. This is the left’s definition; using it we would come to the conclusion that poor Whites in mostly Hispanic or Black areas have no privilege. However, the left’s ideology is too sjmplistic and full of contradictions. If one was presented with this they would probably initiate NPC mode and get angry for no reason.

The argument about White privilege is not whether it exists but whether it is right. Our ancestors founded this country and created the common culture. The capital we own today is all the result of our ancestors and our own bare hands. Why should we be ashamed we are advantaged in some areas? In some areas we aren’t. Whites are more often than not guilt-tripped into hating themselves or at the very least their neighbors. We look out for minority issues but neglect our own; even conservatives do this. Remember how Trump goes on for ten minutes on low employment for minorities but ignores the opioid crisis and the despair that has engulfed the White community. How is that privilege? Are we really so advantaged just because we have more capital than Blacks and Hispanics (but not Jews or Asians) and can relate to the local culture (in most of America at least)? Apparently it is also privileged to be displaced, be subject to higher crime rates because of other groups, and discriminated against via affirmitive action and other ways.

The right would do well to argue on these points. Not only is our privilege completely justified, we have the disability of advocating for our own interests; forgive me, but is that not a vitally important part of a people group? Without this ability, the group is left to the devices of others and will be left in poor shape it may even disappear. Well, that’s what the left has in store for us, total eradication and plenty of suppression before then. How then do we have privilege? It is only because of the left’s lousy parameters of the definition and what they mean that we have it. If Blacks were in our position they still would not have Black privilege, they would probably still be called oppressed as Asians are sometimes. If we used our own definition we would say that we are not privileged because we are discriminated against; we are privileged (on average) in terms of finances and usually culture as well. Leftists aren’t using our definition though, they use their own and so when it comes to the question, “are you privileged?” We should accept it but not be afraid to elaborate. In some areas we are, some we are not.

When you are accused of being privileged, accept it and be proud. Your ancestors established it for you. The traitors and subversives meanwhile have tried taking it away as well as suppressing your right to defend yourself. Don’t be ashamed of the privileges you do have and reclaim your right to defend them. Buzzwords can only do so much for the left.

So yes, I have White privilege, and I am proud.


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