One of the left’s most common claims about the right (aside from buzzwords) is that we are fear-filled, paranoid hicks. They say we have no reason to fear the things we do and we overrexaggerate. Ironically it is the left that is the real ideology of fear they’re being hypocrites again. While the right can back up its fears of various things by examples communism failed and killed millions, diversity tends to result in Whites being massacred, etc the left cannot and only points to their own rhetoric and dogma.

When discussing climate change the left has repeatedly played it up to make the issue seem more dire than it is. We see this with Al Gore and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s incessant ramblings about how the world is going to end within a decade. In the case of Gore it didn’t happen and almost certainly won’t with AOC. Still, the left refuses to learn and instead just uses the same fear to win. This is because the elites don’t truly care about the environment, just the votes and power that comes with them.

Another grand example is the left’s tendency to call everyone “Literally Hitler”. Bush got a decent amount of paranoia from the left but it’s really Trump that best highlights this particular fear since the politcal sphere has polarized so much over the ladt few years. Before the election the leftist know-nothings said Trump would start WWIII. He still has time to do that but it seems unlikely, especially given Hillary’s policies which were somehow less likely to do so. More than that though, it was claimed Trump would unleash an immense oppression of the Hispanic community, some even claiming that would translate into genocide. Again, he still has time but unless Trump moves radically right it is a preposterous claim. They’re still claiming this by the way.

The left is nearsighted. Most are indoctrinated and brainwashed and those who aren’t are wicked. Their leaders don’t start this hysteria out of genuine concern for minorities or the environment; rather, it is out of a lust for power and ultimate goal of bringing about their globalist world. This is why they start fear campaigns to limit the reasonable policies of the right and instead they institute a religious fervor to supposedly stave off fascism.

Speaking of fascism, this is yet another common argument — that the right will install fascism as the mode of government. Nevermind that the vast majority of the right abhors the thought and would rather put in place a republic. Ah yes, and every leader, movement, and cause is all tied to Russia. Russian collusion is a common theme these days, even as it becomes increasinly less tenable.

The Pro-life movement is also slandered as a ploy to throw women back in the kitchen and/or to deconstruct science ironic Confederate sympathizers are White supremacists, German girls who sport braids as a hair style are Nazis, the list goes on. Leftism AKA Cultural Marxism is the real ideology of fear and has plenty of it. Everything good and righteous is fascism because it is Western culture that led to fascism. It was the Christian values that rejected communism and so it must be crushed. To do this the left uses its mobs of brainwashed zombies to shame, humiliate, and attack our culture and political philosophy.

In truth it is leftism that must be crushed. It is leftism that should be feared.


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