Now that Trump has finally declared a national emergency the Democrats have sued him as they claim there is no crisis, no emergency. No matter how many angel moms Trump brings up to show their lost loved-ones, the Democrats refuse to give up their narrative because it suits their agenda. They can do that all they like but the fact of the matter is that there is indeed a crisis at the border and it is an emergency.

According to Pew Research Center, there are 11 million illegals in this country. That is far too many but it gets worse when you take into account that they commit 13 percent of all crimes in the US and commit more crimes on average than their legal non-citizen counterparts. A Yale study says there are at least 22 million illegals which would make the illegal crime rate still higher than the average American crime rate. Either way, this is a real issue that needs to be resolved. Even if they weren’t overrepresented it would still be an issue because that’s more crime that wouldn’t have ever happened had they not been here. This is all ignoring the crimes that don’t result in an arrest, mostly burglaries. What criminals are caught languish in jail or prison, living off taxpayer dollars which are estimated to be $19 million a day.

That’s just crime, what about voting? Does voter fraud really happen with illegals? Why of course! With so many in our country and voter ID not always being required, some illegal is bound to go vote somewhere. But some places they are allowed to vote freely, protected by the authorities. In San Francisco, College Park, and Cambridge, illegals have the right to vote in local elections and they of course almost always vote Democrat. There’s many other places that allow the same thing but Democrats are now unsure if they should condemn illegal voting. In September, 72 voted against a resolution condemning illegal voting. Some voted against it because illegals sometimes vote for school boards. Why should they get a say over what American children are taught? The real reason Democrats and the neocons oppose the wall and now oppose ICE is because iy benefits them.

The Democrats will still claim there isn’t a problem yet somehow they aren’t open borders. They refuse to give a measly $5.7 billion for the wall but are glad to give Israel $38 billion plus additional aid that was just passed in the recent spending bill. The Republicans are guilty of this nonsense as well, don’t get me wrong, but the Democrats truly have an agenda to keep America vulnerable and weak. They do not wish for us to be safe, we are just an economy with a nation, not a nation with an economy. Protecting our safety has never been in their agenda nor will it likely ever be. Instead, they wish to bring in as many illegals as possible to replace us and bring about a population that is more willing to be pushed around. Sooner or later we better learn that they don’t have us in their hearts. They aren’t our representatives and senators, they are everyone’s except ours.


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