A little over a decade ago, in 2006, Democrat senators Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, and Barrack Obama all voted in favor of the Secure Fence Act, a bill that funded 700 miles of border fencing, originally supposed to be with two layers but later amended to just one. Today, Democrats fervently oppose such a proposal, but why? Some have excused this as saying that a fence and a wall are two different things and that’s true, but they serve the same purpose. It’s doubtful the Democrats would support a bill like the Secure Fence Act today, especially with Trump in office, a fact that turns them rabid.

The reasons they are now unwilling to back a wall or any physical barrier are many, but chief among them is the shifting of the overton window. Of course, they are willing to put up fences because they are less effective and easily overcome, but since 2006 the overton window has shifted radically rightward as Americans become increasingly aware that they are under attack, and so Democrats have even more reason to oppose a wall and fencing. The arrival of two terms each of the most progressive presidents in the history of America, Clinton and Obama, as well as the failure of the Republican Party to stop it, has set the rightwing crazy for action rightfully so.

This has caused the left to make an all-out push for their own agenda, now calling for infanticide, the abolishment of ICE, allowing illegals to vote, allowing children to mutilate their bodies, advocating for a “Green New Deal”, etc. This has all been on their minds for quite a while now and many of these policies have their roots in the earliest days of Marxism. Many journalists, Marxist professors, and other vile creatures have now gone so far that they advocate White genocide and/or celebrate the end of a White-majority America. Many who advocate for such things are not White and have their own motives, but why do some betray their kin and advocate for evil things like the entire displacement and replacement of a people? Why do some politicians go against their best interests and begin advocating for the decline of their own people group and culture?

Indoctrination aside, this question is one of who has been bought out. The answer is simple; Westerners are an unruly people with grand ideals of freedom. Many of these ideals, Christian in nature, fly in the face of Marxism. Non-Western peoples on the other hand, are not this way. They have no desire for freedom and allow for oppressive regimes to control them. Think of Saudi Arabia, China, or Venezuela. In any healthy Western country (something that can be argued no longer exists) this would not last a day. The tyrants would be overthrown and Western ideals put back in place within a week. But we are not healthy and have been worn down with decades of indoctrination and subversion. They can’t create their utopia with a traditional, White Christian nation, so they move in voters, weed out the old ones through various means, and pacify those that still remain. Moving foreigners in has two key effects, it weakens the nation and replaces the old population, the native population.

This is the main reason Democrats wish to replace native White Americans, but they have other reasons. Another reason that many Republicans could join them on is reducing wages. How do they do that? Move more workers in that are willing to work for less. Yet another reason is to be able to use divide and conquer as a political strategy. You can’t do that when there’s only a few people groups in the country, most of which are bound together by culture.

This is globalism, also known as Marxism, communism, authoritarianism, etc. It’s almost 200 year long march has been quite successful, but it doesn’t have to be. There is hope. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, the overton window is shifting and Americans are waking up, especially young White Americans who still stand the chance of being the most powerful voting bloc in the country even in 2060 when we are then supposed to be a minority. In the 2018 midterms this already showed up with Democrats losing 5 percent of the support of the youth vote (ages 18-29) yet Zoomers only just began voting and so most of that age range was made up of millenials. Within a few years, with the coming of age of Zoomers and the shifting of the overton window, I believe we are on track to see a Republican takeover of government until immigration overpowers the rise of rightwing views in true Americans. You see, immigration, whether legal or illegal, is a tool of the Democrat party to replace the American population and secure their power.

This is why Trump’s comment during the State of the Union that he wants as many legal immigrants to come as possible, whether he truly wishes it or not, leaves a sour taste in one’s mouth. This would be detrimental to Republican and American interests and so logically we should oppose it. Most Republicans have neglected to realize this, some out of their being bought out, some out of a wish to virtue signal, some simply out of ignorance. The future of America and Americans relies on the crushing of neo-conservatism and revival or true conservative values. We must work against the globalist Marxist agenda and secure for ourselves a future worth living.


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