Is America really a Christian nation? Each day that passes it seems less and less true. For the North, it certainly is no longer a Christian nation and has ceased to be for quite a long time. The recent doings of the Trump administration illustrate this perfectly. In an effort to put down and discredit Iran on the world stage, Trump has unleashed an initiative to fight for homosexual-rights across the globe.

After he finally declared a national emergency, I thought I might let off on Trump for a while, give him some space, and hope for the best. I just can’t do that when he is constantly out-signaling the left, week after week. At this point it’s ironic he styles himself as an anti-globalist because that is exactly what he is not showing here. Why should we care about international reprobate rights, let alone condone it or allow it ourselves. Should we really be forcing Iran to surrender to homosexuality?

If it’s Israel’s interests we have in mind as Trump does, absolutely. Additional brownie points come with the fact that Trump gets a slight (very slight) popularity boost, thanks to the apostasy of our nation. In this day and age of degeneracy Trump has chosen to further spread it, all while he calls himself a Christian. I honestly doubt that very much seeing as how he is so prideful, turns Jewish when he visits Jerusalem, and does this reprehensible behavior. This is Yankeedom at work folks.

Why does Iran hate us? It’s because we are Israel’s dog and blindly march to their beat of the drum. Is it really worth promoting world degeneracy? Is anything worth it? I think it hard to believe any real Christian could support this and the whole situation is extremely distasteful for Trump. What he is doing is allowing Marxists to congregate and devise their plan to promote their agenda in the third world. Yet the magapedes refuse to abandon him, even as he fumbles with the wall and gets sidetracked with his constant shilling. President Kushner and first lady Ivanka are somehow doing a great job.

I must ask once again, can you picture a Southern president in an independent South making the same decision, much less condoning it? If we were free we wouldn’t have such a weak and morally corrupt president as this. His stance on abortion is half-hearted at best and his true loyalty lies with the economy, it’s why he ran. His goal was never to make America truly great, just great at face value. Past the numbers we see on paper we all know America is just as horrid as it was in 2015, worse in some ways.

Secession is the only way we will ever be free, the only way to make any part of America great again. A revival is too optomistic for Yankeedom and the Pacific Coast, but the South is still predominantly Christian conservative, there is hope down here, but nothing will be achieved if we have Yankee overlords overuling our movement, promoting degeneracy, suppressing our culture, and moving millions of foreigners into our homeland. If you wish to see the South die, cast your vote with the idol of unionism, I’ll be casting mine with the South


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