One of the most effective ways Marxism has taken over our society is undoubtedly through the use of the media. With the “news” and their propaganda outlets they spew exactly that, beating rightwing thought into something only a few rednecks in the woods participate in. Better to be a leftist or a neo-con. The music industry meanwhile destroys traditional music, turning it into nothing but a stereotype as has been done with country music. If it doesn’t do that, it pushes the youth to be promiscuous and/or kill eachother.

Hollywood takes this to a whole new level though. With a few movies they indoctrinate impressionable children into having leftist beliefs and seeing everything that is good as evil. Oftentimes these movies come in the form of comedy and the leftist propaganda is put out of sight through a joke. This can be seen best in Forrest Gump, a movie designed to target Boomers and appeal to them through its references to history, but also designed to target children through its memorability by comedy.

In the film, a low-IQ White male runs through life, always being attacked by other White males. The only people he listens to is the authoritarian anti-Christian, lieutenant Dan, and the various women in his life. His only love interest is a whore that doesn’t so much as think about him. Throughout the movie, history is referenced over and over, sometimes with a leftist spin, sometimes without it. Those that get one are Nathan Bedford Forrest, George Wallace and the segregation fight, and John Lennon. However, the audience comes out of the theater not thinking about any of this; instead, they think about the jokes the movie gave, which are numerous.

Through movies like this our society is subverted. Combined with the “education” system, our youth are turned against us and even against themselves. “White men” is now a term used to refer to the bad guys. “The South” brings about an image of slave masters beating Blacks into submission. We can’t even use the word “Dixie” anymore.

It is also through the media and education system that us Southerners lose our accent, one of the most identifiable things about us. Given all this, we should in good faith be motovated to purge our media in our private lives at least. Pick and choose movies carefully, homeschool our children or send them to private schools, and cleanse degenerate music from our playlists. Due to Hollywood’s subtle subversiveness in most things it puts out, even the classics must come into question. It’s a hard thing to do, I know, but it’s necessary for our movement and the vital task of retaking the loyalty of the youth.

In this video, Devon Stack goes over the film, Forrest Gump, in a detailed yet entertaining fashion. Most who watched this movie came away with a few memorable jokes they were hand-fed and a gladness that they had been so fortunate as to see it. Unbeknownst to them, it was not a wholesome life story, but just another subversive Hollywood production.


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