With the recent explosion of controversy throughout the upper levels of government in Virginia, other Southern states have been subject to yearbook checks. It was recently revealed that Tennessee governor Bill Lee dressed up as a Confederate soldier. According to NBC, two other photos that did not include Lee had the caption, “The South shall rise again, right Bill! When the band plays ‘Dixie’, a tear comes to our eyes. I’d do anything Lee, but she comes first.” Lee has since apologized and said that his dressing up as one of his ancestors was insensitive.

Alabama governor Kay Ivey likewise faced controversy as it was revealed that her sorority engaged in bluntasteful tariffackface, though she did not herself. She denied ever being a part of the blackfacing and said there is no place for the practice. She was also asked if she had ever uttered a racially insensitive comment, to which she replied, “I hope not.”

Such utter weakness is a shame in the South. Our ancestors were strong, not caring about political correctness. Our Confederate ancestors had cannon balls shot at them and suffered all sorts of pain and struggle to fight for us. During reconstruction our brave people perservered and fought off the carpetbagger arm. During the integration crisis, many proud Southerners defended our right to have our own space apart from Blacks who (especially today) have a tendency to be not so polite, let’s just say. You can refer to the numerous gas station robberies to confirm that. Being blunt was the tendency and censorship was and is a cowardly action, though it is now unfortunately necessary to a certain extent in the current political atmosphere. Nevertheless, apologizing for anything is unwise and never garners forgiveness from the left. It makes you look weak and confirms for many that you are, so why do it?

In today’s South we have governors unable to stand up for themselves, let alone the South. If the federal government put the boot on our necks and oppressed us as many on the left wish, could you trust these governors to defend you? Would they do anything other than complain? In the Old South our people would go so far as to secede just because of an untasteful tariff whereas today we cannot even trust our governors to defend their own dressing up as something the left deems evil.

This comes not long after Tucker Carlson exploded on a socialist, telling him to “go f— yourself.” Tucker later doubled down and said he meant it with utmost sincerity. In this Vice article that I highly suggest you read, the author is dumbfounded that Tucker isn’t a weak coward who apologizes whenever he is confronted with pressure. Ignore the leftist twist in the article, Tucker was justified in what he said but the point is that the left doesn’t know what to do when people actually defend themselves, but when they apologize and relent, they sure do know exactly what to do; guilt them into oblivion and submission. It’s hilarious really, but there’s something to be learned here: never apologize. Stand by everything you say and do. If a “scandal” comes out about a politician dressing up as a Confederate soldier, the proper response is to admit it and accept it. Hell, why not do it again? Okay, that might not be the best idea for optics sake, but defending oneself is vital and much better than the alternative.

For more than 20 years we have championed the cause of “heritage not hate,” yet it has gotten us nowhere. Our flags and monuments are still being torn down and our children stolen from us and turned into rabid leftists. On the national scale, Republicans have tried for decades to gain the Black vote but to no avail. The left continues to march on, immigrants continue flooding our country, degeneracy continues rising, etc. At some point we must take a stand some way or another. Stop retreating, stop conceding ground. The South was right in everything, not just the war. The revolution, the Civil War, the defense of states rights, the resistance to integration, there is no need to be ashamed.

Come 2020 we should be aiming to take over the Republican party because much of it is still the Northern, upper middle class party rather than what we need it to be, which is the party pushing for the interests of our people whether they are rich or poor. No more cucking to pressure as Bill Lee has done, no more cultural marxism to appeal to the left as Nikki Haley and Greg Abbot have done, no more skirting away from immigration issues so rich billionares can keep the flow of cheap labor coming in as wages fall or at least rise slower than the rate of inflation. Our aim should be that and not the defense of people who compromise that. The shifting of the overton window begins in the hearts and minds of the people but in a republic it manifests with votes. I cannot say whether the republic will somehow survive or not, I am no prophet, but I do know that it and everything we hold dear will crumble if we do not succeed. In conclusion, every politician we are subject to should be held with the most intense scrutiny possible.


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