Less than twenty years after the horrible attack on the USS Liberty, Israel was in the spotlight again. This time it was for the arrest of Johnathan Pollard, who had spied on the United States.

Pollard, an American Jew, worked as an intelligence analyst with the Navy Field Operational Intelligence Office’s Anti-Terrorist Alert Center after being hired in 1979. Just five years later he was recuited by Israel. He used his job to pass along classified information to Israel, using his belief that the US was letting Israel down in that area to justify it. Thankfully he was caught in 1985 though. In Israel he was and still is hailed as a hero. But this isn’t the only case of Israeli spying on America. A case of similar activity took place in the 60s over American nuclear secrets with the Apollo Affair, but that is less conclusive. However, the government has on several occasions brought Israeli spying to light. In 2000 it was alleged that another married couple with connections to Israel existed and intercepting some of the most sensitive FBI telephone and modem communications. David Major, a retired supervisory special agent commented, ‘The Israelis conduct intelligence as if they are at war…There are a lot less handcuffs on intelligence for a nation that sees itself at war. But that doesn’t excuse it from our perspective.” Just a year later in 2001, 200 Israelis suspected of being massive of a large spy ring were also arrested, many of them only here by overstaying their visas. Many admitted to serving in Israeli intelligence agencies, electronic signals incerception, or explosive ordinance.

It is inconceivable that a nation that benefits so much from the foreign aid it gets from our country would spy on us and jeopardize that, but alas, they have and do so frequently. We spy on Israel too, no doubt about it, but we are not the ones benefitting from this relationship. We are the protector of Israel, yet they are not scared to bite the hand that feeds them. For some “odd” reason we are paralyzed to do anything decisive to put an end to this. Instead, we excuse it and give them 38 billion more dollars.

Israel has a tendency to use its relationship with the United States to its fullest extent, no matter the consequences. They will bomb us in the case of the Lavon Affair, attempt to get us into wars as they did with the USS Liberty and the Iraq War, spy on us, and lobby in our government to give them more and more aid as they do with AIPAC. Why then are we allies? Why would we support such a morally corrupt nation? Our politicians do it because they are paid to, but why would we? There is only one good reason and that is the reason Evangelicals adhere to. It is the belief that Jews are God’s chosen people and that blessing Israel will lead to the blessing of America. There are some serious issues with this line of thinking but I will leave it to the next article. If that is not one’s reasoning, the only others can be a hatred of Muslims or a misguided idea that Israel is an asset America can use.

Evidently we cannot however, seeing as how Israel only responds the will of Americans when offered increased aid. The aid is already way too much however, especially when we can’t pay for a wall to protect ourselves. And what do we gain from this relationship with Israel? Enemies it seems. The only reason we oppose Syria, Iran, and Iraq is because they are enemies of Israel. Israel also provides no strategic advantage in world affairs. It only brings trouble. Communism is no longer threatening to take over the Middle East and Russia is only able to be such a strong presence with close relations in the region because we have chosen to back one small nation that is falsely called Israel (when it should be “Judah”). This relationship is not good for America, it is parasitic.


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