Once again, the wicked American Empire has reached out it’s dirty hand for more blood sacrifices. This time it’s demanding the women of America. Last Friday a female federal judge in Texas declared that an all-male draft is unconstitutional. Now while many buffoons and nimrods will clap at this decision, mostly feminists and even “conservatives”, claiming it’s another triumph for “true equality”. I however see it for what it really is, that being a blind attempt to destroy women. Women do not belong serving on the battlefield, it is not their rightful place. A nation that is willing to send its women in to combat is a nation of cowards and shirkers! Just think, we used to tell our men to march into battle to safeguard their women, now we’ll be sending their women into battle to fight and die. I hope all fathers, brothers and husbands understand what this will mean if this dastardly ruling is implemented. The likelihood of a draft being put back into place might seem unlikely now, but we must recall the saber rattling the President has been doing lately with Venezuela. Ignoring the fact that we have no business interfering with the affairs of some far-off banana dictatorship, we must consider the repercussions if war breaks out. On top of this we still have many chicken hawks in congress, possessed by the spirit of John McCorpse (McCain), clamoring for war with North Korea, Syria and the Russians. We might have a massive standing army now but what will happen if some disaster befalls our troops in one of these globalists led military actions? We could very well be facing a return to the draft in the foreseeable future, especially if President D. Nimrod decides war is necessary for his sorry reelection, since he has totally lost the confidence of his supporters. We all know he would risk war and ruin if Israel’s interests are at stake.

For years these globalists overloads and fanciers have used our brave troopers, many of whom are sons of Dixie, as disposable meat bags. Now these predators and plunderers want our wives, sisters and daughters as well. I’ll be damn if I let Uncle Sam steal my women folk for his wicked schemes to undermine other sovereign nations. Do you really want your daughters to return home morally broken as shells of their former self’s? Do you want your wife’s to return home as bloody and battered corpses? Your sisters to return home as invalids? Even if they return in perfect physical health their natural inner feminine beauty and softness will be forever ruined. All this For what? Why should are women be made to enter the draft in wars that are for rich bankers, wall street and Israel? Have we not lost more freedoms from godless Democrats than from any Venezuelan, Russian or Korean? We must fight this new if it come. We must fight these chicken hawk politicians in their attempts to shove our women into the global meat grinders. Our women must never be put into combat. Should we allow are youth to be robbed of their mothers by a cowardly Uncle Sam? Any man who allows his wife, daughter or sister to be forcefully drafted is a gutless poltroon and wimp. I don’t care how one reason’s this or justifies it, if you support the women draft than your no better than a man who actively goes out of his way to seduce married women. No better than murderous and lecherous predator who prays on the weak. The people supporting this are the creators of orphans and broken homes thus I pray that God cast them down to the pits of hell for their irresponsible war mongering and profiteering.



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