To tell you the truth, I enjoyed watching the upper echelons of power in Virginia explode with controversy after the blackface scandal was unleashed to divert attention from Northam’s devilish comments. Northam was beat to a pulp by the left and now is a beaten, weak excuse of a man. Not only that, Justin Fairfax was accused of sexual assault and Mark Herring admitted to his blackface event, presumably to get it out of the way. So now we have two defeated, apologetic White men and a defensive, hostile Black man. It’s enjoyable to watch but there are consequences for us of course.

But clownworld Virginia has yet another controversy, this time with Virginia’s first lady. It is alleged that she handed cotton to a Black eighth-grader and a page while they visited the Executive Mansion. Not only that but she asked, “Can you imagine being an enslaved person and having to pick this all day?”

The thing is that the student had this planned from the get-go. She said that the second she walked into the mansion she felt unwelcome, according to Fox. It reminds me of how the NAACP conducts itself, manufacturing false controversies in order to push their agenda. Surprisingly Northam and his people actually defended his wife rather than pleading forgiveness and mercy. I’m honestly surprised a hate crime wasn’t conjured up.
“She did not single anyone out, she invited all of the pages to touch agricultural products (such as dried tobacco, produce, cotton) and artifacts displayed in the Historic Kitchen as part of an educational tour,” one spokeswoman said. This is the state of Virginia. It is one where White people must tip-toe around every little thing and constantly be wary of what to say and how to say it, especially to Black people. I don’t like defending Democrat scalawags, but there is a precedent that has been set and it’s showing itself here. White people are to be publicly humiliated and harangued about their past, never being allowed to forget much less defend it.

We are to be beaten into submission and made into subservient pawns. Our ancestors would be ashamed we ever let it get this bad. With the call for reparations looming on the horizon, it is vital we push back in some form or another. At the very least we should quit apologizing ourselves into oblivion.

You may wonder how bad it will get; though I am no prophet, I believe I can make a somewhat accurate prediction since the left is so predictable. We will be allowed to not utter a word in the presence of non-Whites and must always shut up when one of them interrupts. This has most likely already come, just not to the forefront of the public’s eye. Mansplaining is already a concept that gets men or tries to at least to be quiet. Go ahead and imagine a society where White people are all but slaves, only allowed to speak when spoken to. It isn’t hard to picture.

Luckily it isn’t that bad everywhere yet. Virginia is increasingly becoming an embarassment to America, particularly the South. It has been turned into nothing more than a colony for Yankees and third-worlders to make their own, ripping it from our hands. I pray we can somehow turn the tide and retake the mother state, the one that birthed it all, but it seems more and more unlikely. With each passing day Virginia gets more immigrants, more colonists, making it less and less Virginian. It’s time we take a stand and push for secession rather than colonization — Virginians of all people should understand this.


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