Universities’ across America have become dens for young Marxists and socialists. This truly cannot be disputed; higher academia is a stronghold of left wingers. We on the right, whether conservative, libertarian, fascist ect all realize this and know this fact is true. However, we have heard no real calls for our statesmen to purge the university system of these leftwing subversives. (I what to state that when I mean “purge”, I mean fire/ban and not execution. I’m merely being realistic as far as that goes.) Why haven’t our politicians, some who call out the leftist brainwashing, done anything? I believe there is to explanations. One is that many of our politicians, lack fortitude and moral courage to go on the offensive and actively start targeting the subversives in academia. The other is that, like I’ve stated before, there has been no real calls for action to be done, with the exception of some Day of the Ropeish ideas from our friends on the fringe. If politicians on the left can force academia to bend to their perverted will why can’t we make them embrace tradition? Or at least soften the problem by firing a few openly anti-White professors? Or perhaps rewriting the history books in the public schools in favor of the South? Or ban some of the homosexual and anti-White propaganda being taught in the elemetry schools? Why not? We would have the support of the Southern people if we did so. Do you think the parents of Dixie what their kids being taught how to masturbate or about the various genders or how their ancestors were brutal racist monsters? No! We leads me to what we must have, actual calls from us, the Southern people, to start cracking down on education. We must throw away these Yankee nonsensical notions that education must be apolitical. That’s pure rubbish. If we are to have a public education system, I’m personally in favor of home schooling and private schools, then we must have them teach our children values, in particularly the values of Dixie. Not some hedonistic hogwash about how everything Is about opinion. I call on our Governors, Kemp and DeSantis in particular, to take action now! Is it likely to happen? No, probably not, but talking about it more often will bring it into the public conversation sphere eventually. If the idea becomes popular enough than it will eventually be adopted by some office holder or perhaps if were lucky, a True Statesmen. Just look at how Talmadge, Long and Bilbo man handled the university systems while they were Governors. That’s how Kemp and DeSantis must be. We seen this exact thing happen in Brazil with President Bolsonaro banning homosexual propaganda being taught in their education system. If this can happen in Brazil, a country where Whites are the minority, and where socialism is alive and well, then why not in Georgia or Alabama? We surely can’t hope from much from our foolish President, so we must take action on the gubernatorial level. If we fail to do so will continue to have our young people turned to mindless driveling reprobates. As a God-fearing Southern man it’s your duty to stop that with all means at your disposal.


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