I’ve had enough of this hoopla over Trump’s decision to pressure the world to decriminalize homosexuality. This isn’t good. The mass number of Southerners are against homosexuality and rightfully so. We have no need to change that stance. Yet we see many Trump zealots are still willing to virtue signal and shill for President Nimrod. They constantly speak about how this new decision to protect homosexuals by Trump is just another blow against liberalism. “WATCH LIBERALS HEADS EXPLODE! MAGA!” Can someone please explain to me how safeguarding degenerates in other countries is making America great again? Seriously, aren’t we fighting this insanity at home already? Does anyone remember that child drag queen in New York dancing for lustful homosexuals? Does anyone remember the chaos on the universities on the “question” of whether gender exists? When, will this moron figure out that homosexuality is a slippery slope? It should be quite obvious now that we should have never legalized gay marriage…oh wait WE didn’t, that was the Federal Supreme Court. We didn’t get a say in that, “our” only judge, Clearance Thomas, a Black catholic from Georgia, was ignored by the liberals on the court. Now we have the windbag President trying to unleash the Pandora’s Box of sexual immortality on the Middle East and Africa. Countries that haven’t been infected by the Globohomo. When I supported Trump in 2016, I had no false notions that he was going to fight the homosexual agenda, but I did not think that he would go on the global stage to spread this decadence into other nations. Let’s be honest, this is globalism and subversion. Just like when he signed that global Women Empowerment aide bill. A bill meant to spread feminism worldwide thus weakening the family unit. Despite what smiley Charlie Kirk says this isn’t something to celebrate. We won’t be winning millions of little rainbow fairies by doing this, nor should we want such rascals in the GOP. The GOP is supposed to be pro-family and tradition, but I guess that’s just for the campaign trial.

Southerners overwhelmingly are to thank for Trump’s victory in 2016

I want to make it clear that any Southerner who still is on the Trump train is blind or just plain foolish. We are gaining almost nothing from this man at the present moment but more foreign enemies. I whole heartily believe Trump is doing this to try to undermine Iran, a country which sternly stands against the sexual depravity of the West. NO, this doesn’t make it any better but actually worse. Trump is willing to risk tradition and turning on God to bully Iran for Israel. This is just another crack in the myth of Emperor Trump. I really think this shows the lack of respect Trump has for his base, the man has to know that many of the Christians that supported him are against homosexual marriage, yet he makes a big hoopla out of it anyway. The same can be said on how he constantly brags about helping the Hispanics and blacks but never mentions the White people who overwhelmingly helped elect him. Where’s our thanks? I’m not being trivial; the Democrats are willing to openly willing to push for reparations for black people over slavery, yet Trump is totally unwilling to least give Whites a thank you. I don’t care how mad the media gets, he should do what’s right. It’s apparent that it certainly wouldn’t hurt him in the least considering how blindly loyal some of his supporters are.

You think Trump would be holding a CSA flag if it said “Southerners for Trump” ? Or even a Mississippi State flag?

To be entirely honest President Trump most likely will lose in 2020 due to his indecisiveness, political flip flopping and constant blunders. President Nimrod has been beaten back and made into a fool by Chuck the Rat Schumer and the Californian Witch Pelosi. He should have never initiated the government shutdown if he wasn’t going to stick to it. He should have never signed those bills which utterly made a mockery of American First and ignored the wall. He should have never had hired all these Jewish snakes, his son-in-law included, to be his go to guys. Now, they are turning on him left and right like a bunch of little hungry jackals. If he manages to survive his term without impeachment it will be solely due to the Southern politicians and a handful of Trump loyalists outside of Dixie. Trump dug himself into this hole of ruin. He refused to listen to people who elected him and fought for him and instead of listening to people like Alex Jones, Ann Coulter and Bannon he’s listening to that little devious worm, Jared Kushner and his bird brain wife Ivanka. Trump has again and again proven himself unreliable and given to pressure. At best he’s a fool and at worse he’s a backstabbing traitor. If not, why has he totally “forgotten” his promise to get rid of Birth Right Citizenship? Or was that just another false promise to boost votes? Just like the calls against to end leftist violence, however we still see liberals attacking and shutting down free speech. Just like how he made a big deal about the statue removals and history purges but has done absolutely nothing about them. Just like he makes a big deal about abortion and has yet to punish New York for their bill and instead decided to scold the Virginia governor for blackface over literally calling for infanticide. That buffoon just set the precedence that “racism” (even racial harmless jokes) is worse than the mass murder of the unborn and babies. All this after the MAGA kids fascio, keep in mind it was “holocaust victims” not them that got invited for the State of the Union. Oh, yah and why isn’t Hillary sitting in prison? Maybe he decided to let the RAM and the Proud Boys Guys hold her spot. Maybe?As far I’m concern the only people benefiting from Trump’s first term will be homosexuals abroad, corporations and Israel and those Hispanics and blacks Trump loves to brag about helping…To bad they won’t be voting for him in 2020.

Sure these people will be voting Trump in 2020

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