Trump has been virtue-signaling a lot lately, repeatedly showing his neo-conservative values. During the State of the Union he confessed that he wants more immigrants than ever, so long if they’re legal. His supporters quickly defended him as only making that comment to garner more support. If that were true, it would make me feel much better about Trump even though the rhetoric of the president certainly matters, but alas, it is not.

At CPAC 2019 some days ago, the president made yet another distasteful comment, professing how America needs even more immigrants because of low unemployment. Link here

We’re down to 3.7 percent unemployment, the lowest number in a long time. But think of this; I got all these companies moving in. They need workers. We have to bring people into our country to work in these great plants that are opening up all over the place. This was not necessarily what I was saying during the campaign because I never knew we would be as successful as we have been. Companies are roaring back into our country. And now we want people to come in — we want workers to come in — but they have to come in legally and they have to come in through merit, merit, merit!

Is this what the American public really wants? Is it what suits our people? Well, large-scale legal immigration is overwhelmingly unpopular for most Americans with only a slim minority wanting to increase it or even keep it the same. From an article that cites a Harvard-Harris poll from The Washington Times, “A stunning 35 percent said the level should be fewer than 250,000 a year, while another 19 percent said it should be 250,000 to 500,000. Combined, they make up a majority looking for a cut of at least 50 percent over current annual levels. Another 18 percent said they want to see 500,000 to 1 million. Just 19 percent of respondents said they want an increase over 1 million.”

It is true that skilled immigrants are supported by most Americans, but we are not so daft as to believe that we can take in upwards of a million of them for decades on end without having any consequences. I must grant some leeway to Trump, but only a little. A merit-based system would suit us well, but not if it aims to bring in millions of immigrants a year, which is what Trump seems to support. Trump also implied that he doesn’t mean high-skilled immigrants as the standard when he refers to merit, just what the factories and big-business need to avoid having to raise wages. Our high-skill jobs can be done by ourselves, by our own young men and women, not India’s and China’s, as can jobs found in factories and similar occupations. If businesses have to raise wages then I say good! I value the wellbeing of the working man much more than the purse of rich CEOs.

Neo-cons support mass legal immigration because it depresses the wages and so they being mostly rich bureaucrats who often get fine donations from tech companies and big business get to save billions of dollars. This is what Trump is, a big business neo-con masquerading as a populist for the people. He cares only about the economy while social issues are put on the backburner and used simply as a tool to rally support from his base and here we are constantly falling for it. What’s more, Trump also vehemently supports women being in the work force, providing yet another competitor for American men, depressing wages even further, decreasing the fertility rate, and on and on, all for the sake of money. These neo-cons, which is all the magapedes are, see America as nothing more than a marketplace, an economy with a GDP that must be raised no matter the consequences. PragerU is great at showing us just this.

Those at CPAC and similar events, especially the Turning Point USA ones, come mostly from the same upper middle class and upward ilk, explaining why so many of them cheer like drones when they hear that Trump wants more immigrants. The NPC meme truly can be applied to more than just leftists.

Whatever Trump says the magapedes and majority of Republicans blindly support it. Take for instance the First Step Act, also known as the prison reform bill. No bill like that would have ever passed with Obama in office, but the second a virtue-signaling Republican proposes it, it’s a glorious Godsend that warrants unbounding worship! That bill, mind you, lets criminals free early in the hopes they will turn their lives around when really all they’ll be doing is claiming another victim.

Trump truly has turned the Republican party into the Trump party. In a few ways that’s good, in other ways it’s a tragedy, especially when Trump wishes to gain some more goody points with the media (not that that is possible) and his insentient shills that occupy Washington. Trump has gone to our heads and now too many of us have blind loyalty to such a buffoon. We must remember however that blind allegiance to anyone is a poor idea, even more for those wishing to save a country. Remember that our duty, your duty, is to your homeland and its people, not Trump.


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