In America we are seeing the total collapse of President Trump and his “MAGA Movement”. With his underdog triumph in 2016 we were told that his victory meant a rebirth of America. However, all we have seen in the last years is just the spread of crony capitalism, mass media censorship and leftist backlash. All the so called gains the GOP made will be washed away by 2020 after Trump loses. It didn’t have to be this way. Trump could have stuck to just his regular Bannonish populist stance, he could have still even kissed up to his Israel buddies, and he would be seeing a landslide victory in 2020. Instead he took the supposed easy route and hired the Swamp critters of D.C as his advisers and staff and now he’s on the verge of being impeached. He could have worked on building his own loyal paramilitary (Think Trump Lion Guard) that could have kept the streets safe from Antifa thugs, thus keeping good on his promise of “law & order”. Instead he went after an old German War vet and allowed rightwing groups, who protected many of his loyal supporters at events, like RAM and the Proud Boys to be imprisoned. The same can be said about the online censorship. His term has been filled mostly with big talk but no solid action. Now it seems he’s completely thrown in the towel and decided to place his bet on reelection by pandering to the Koch Brothers and other rich capitalists in hope of winning 2020 through their donations. Plus, he always will have the votes of the most diehard MAGApedes who border on blind loyalty to him. His game plan to win is letting in more legal immigrants, AKA cheap labor, into America, despite the wishes of his base. This will allow the companies to pay their “legal immigrant” labor less, which means less hiring of Americans and lower wages. This is a recipe for destruction and loss.

This isn’t what we got, wake up

However, none of this is what I wish to discuss. I wish to discuss what we should do after Trump and the months prior to his departure from the White House. What we should probably be doing now, some have, and what problems plague us. The reason why we haven’t had the rightwing Nationalist revival or at least a popular resistance like we’ve seen in Italy, Poland, Hungry and Brazil. Heck, you can say the fight against the Globohomo Is changing everywhere except America and Britain. We should look to why we only had one great mass march/event, Charlottesville, and only then when the various far right groups united as one, compared to places like Brazil and Poland where marches are numerous.

For one we rely too much on the National Republican Party leadership. A Party that treats us like scum and constantly betrays us; a party that wishes to replace us just like the left. Too many Southerners and conservatives fell asleep after the 2016 election due to their wrongful trust in the GOP. Treat the party like a tool, that’s how they treat us. Nothing, more. We should capitalize on local and gubernatorial level. Enough wasting time on National scene trying to win impossible races in the US Senate and House. We saw the end results of what happens when you have true Americans run for national seats (think Moore, Stewart, Harris and Nehlen, Little). Imagine had we built a cult like following around these guys on the local level instead of focusing on Trump. Each of these guys got close to their goals with Harris winning the seat but being robbed of it later and Moore winning the GOP primary, only to be betrayed by the wealthy GOP wimps in the cities. I believe that each of these guys could have perhaps won seats in their local area or even in their general assemblies. We can still win local seats, whereas the possibility of beating the neo-cons and socialist democrats is nearly impossible on the national scene. Plus, AIPAC money and other leftist lobbies don’t typically operate on the local level, though they may get involved in the governorship. Just imagine if we had Corey Stewart win the governorship in 2017. He was only a 1 percent away from winning the GOP primary. I believe he had a better chance of winning the Virginia Governorship than the softie who actually won the Republican Nomination. Once you elect these guys to office, you’d have almost a cultish following of them in their area by the conservatives that elected them. We’ve seen this with Trump so it’s not far off to think we’d see this on the local level. If this did happen on the local level, we could actually have successful mass events that didn’t end in violent brawls with red thugs. Had Charlottesville happen with a Governor Corey Stewart or Patrick Little you’d would have seen Antifa being hauled off by the National Guard and state police and the event would have preceded as planned. No mass media narrative that ‘White terrorists” came into some “poor” college town and murdered the “beautiful” chunky queen, Heather Heyers. Once our events become safe from leftwing thugs and the mediafia you’d see more and more people attending. The people attending would be White middle-class families and even perhaps some people with money who previously and secretly sympathized with us. So much would change. The enemy knows this and thus is the reason they were so intent to shutdown Unite the Right. It’s about putting fear in and distrust among White people. The media wants us to be too afraid to do anything and to hopeless to even try and they’ve been awfully successful these past 60 years. Most People won’t go to events if they think they’ll end up getting a piss bottle to the face and have their families doxed and lose their job. They certainly won’t go if they think that if they defend themselves from Antifa that they’ll be tossed in jail for the next decade and a half. This is why you see European nationalist parties winning local police positions, governorships and mayorships instead of just aiming all their limited political strength cut tail riding the puppet in chief.

Corey Stewart standing against mobs of leftists at the Lee Monument

Another larger problem is that our whole idea of National Identity isn’t correct. Mainly, I speak of American Nationalism. A brand of Nationalism that has been bastardized and usurped by many. Many rightwing movements, White nationalist or not, end up being snuffed out by the national establishment which pushes American Nationalism as a drug. The same establishment which tells us “Fight for Democracy or else you’re a traitor to your country”. American Nationalism has pretty much been dead and shallow since 1860. American Nationalism has been subverted and used as a control mechanism by the elite. Example being how these people flooded their own areas of Yankeedom with poor immigrants from Europe the 1800’s. Many of the native people of the North didn’t want these people but were forced to submit out of loyalty to “muh Union”. The Know Nothings movement, who were stern unionists, were a prime example of this self-eating nationalism. Sacrifice everything for the sake of the US empire is what the oligarchs of this land want…and get. Another example would be the segregation issue in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Why did many Yankees attack the South for its segregation? Other than their own egalitarian warped sense of self-righteousness it was because segregation made America look bad according to the them and would make the “colored nations” of the world turn to the Soviet Union.


So, the South was forced, at gun point, to sacrifice her institutions and political control to the black masses. Some of a few Southerners, scalawags, even felt like it might be time to give up segregation if it was a matter of “national security”. However, most Southerners were more pushed toward the fear of secession or rebellion to the Kennedy’s due to the threat of communism abroad. How could the secede when they were constantly worried about the then powerful Soviet Union gobbling them up, After all they had been told since they were little, and by the media that America was stronger united. Thus, they were basically defenseless to actually save Segregation other than the means of using stalling methods and the Southern bloc in congress. I only realized this when listening to interviews of Senators Richard Russell and Herman Talmadge and James Eastland where you can hear the desperation in their voice yet willingness to fight. Their loyalty to the American Empire ultimately undermined their overall ability to save the South’s tradition and home rule. Unlike their forefathers in the Antebellum days who could always use secession and nullification as a bargaining tool in politics, the Southern men of the post-war years never really used this powerful chip. They were instead forced to use half measures and bushwhacker tactics (think Redshirts), which was sometimes very successful, however it eventually stopped working with the spread of mass media and advanced tech. Now with the basic lost of home rule we must rebuild what we have lost.

Another problem with American Identity is its lack of substance and conflicting historical narratives. Just think, unlike Europe we do not have centuries of shared identity to fall back upon. Sure, many of us in America are White but it’s truly a lot harder to build an identity on that alone. I know this will anger many, ironically both Civic Nationalists and National Socialists, but my point is that you need more than just Whiteness, to build a strong iron tight identity. If you had perhaps a 100 year all White nation or one that taught the values of all-White identity perhaps then it would be successful as a National identity but unfortunately our ancestors were not always one distinct group. They also had many wars and conflicts against one another. That’s not to say we shouldn’t value our White blood and seek White unity, we certainly need White unity and a sense of racial pride, but a national identity needs more. By more I mean shared values, including religion and history. This is why places like Poland, Italy and even Germany are having successful nationalist movements. These movements aren’t just White, but Italian, German and Polish. Many of these people share a shared religion, down to the sect, and a shared history and hardships. In America, you have two camps, either you’re an American, which means different things to different people, or you’re a proud White man and Whiteness is your identity. While America was founded by Whites it also wasn’t just founded as one national group. This brings me to my final point.

Virginia .jpg
Virginia Tobacco Planting, 13 Colonies never were really one single entity even during the war

America from the very beginning was founded by various ethnic, political and religious groups. While these groups were all White, mostly of English descent, that changed by even the late 1800s. Even before that when America was 13 colonies these colonies were distinct and didn’t really share a common identity other than being former British subjects. From colony to colony you had different sects of people who had different ideas on how a united America should be. Some had different ethnic compositions, some had drastically different economies. This is what of course evolved into the sectional conflict and War of Northern Aggression. Before an American identity could be fully developed you already had two conflicting groups, Southerners and Yankees. Even then you had smaller groups like the German immigrants in the Midwest and the boatloads of immigrants from Italy, Germany and Ireland. Now, all these immigrants were White, but they differed in their ideas of nationalism also. The Irish and Italians were Catholics, as were some Germans. The Germans wanted a federalist dominated empire and their own Keizer, who came in the form of Lincoln. I think the problem really came down to the dilemma that America was too big. We tried to force an American Identity before fully having one. The country was also very isolated in some parts. It’s closeness that breeds nationalism. In many places you had people living miles and miles away from civilization and no sense of shared identity with someone living in some cosmopolitan city. Thus, is why we don’t have a high trust society like other homogenous countries, and of course the large amounts of non-Whites only make it ten times worse.


The answer to the problem here is what it was in 1860, secession. Or better put now it would be total balkanization. America is meant to be balkanized. We have plenty of true nationalities among regions that should have been cultivated but never were due to Yankees and other empire minded Unionists. Instead we have been trying to keep a dying abomination alive when we should have pulled life support decades ago. It truly has been our people, Whites, Southerners and conservatives in general who have kept the corrupt American experiment going. Our false hope that America is still our country when it, as a whole, is controlled by the hands of the wicked. Without us it would have fell apart. That’s a good and a bad thing. We should have realized our folly long ago and abandoned the Union and their empire conquests. Without us they are nothing more than a decayed drugged slum. Look at California and New York, they may have material wealth, but they can’t take that beyond the grave. The future of these states lay in the gutter of filth and decadence. We’ll be down there with them if we do not let go of the myth of America being Great Again. We must embrace Tradition, God and Order. In other words, we must fully embrace Southern identity and the Southern old-time world view and cast off all facades that we somehow are represented in the American system. We must begin to see ourselves as Southerners first and foremost before being an “American”. To be an “American” has been turned into a meaningless paper. While we might be true Americans, our ancestors built this land, we must sadly reject the term. Only when we do so can we fully understand Nationalism and tap into the natural fountain that lays relatively untouched. Imagine if the Trump supporters of the South finally realized the have been fooled and taken advantage of by this New York Plutocrat in Washington. That we are now being sold down the river in order that Trump may line the pockets of the corporate class.

At least put down Ole Glory

“The gamblers of Wall Street…. gambling, not only in the products of the South, but gambling in the flesh and blood of the children of the South” ~ Governor Jeff Davis


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