I don’t applaud Trump for much anymore but his national emergency declaration is a satisfying step toward the wall. Unfortunately the GOP, also known as the Genuinely Obedient Pansies, has come up with a plan to curb Trump’s declaration because they deem it unconstitutional.

Rand Paul and ten other senators (according to him) have pledged to vote for a resolution opposing the declaration. They believe the declaration is too authoritarian and the president is overextending his powers. It’s funny, even Lindsey Graham stands with the president on this simple issue.

Well I have news for Rand, our country is going downhill fast. Migrants bust in, kill our people, sell our children drugs, depress our wages, and take our jobs (yes, that’s right). Now we are on track to be a minority. Yes, we have quite a large emergency here, and some authoritarian actions will be needed to get any action at all. I love Rand Paul as he is one of the few in Washington that isn’t corrupt, but he holds true to this libertarian ideal that could only truly exist in a utopia.

Our country is the same one where millions and millions of babies have been thrown in dumpsters, where children dance with naked drag queens, where people chase STDs as if they’re candy, where millions of fathers abandon their children, all while Congress has been infiltrated by big business, the Israel Lobby, and dual-citizens. We have many emergencies, at least Trump is trying to fix one. What emergency has the GOP successfully fixed? Conservatism? It nearly seems that way.

It’s time to put away childish utopian ideals like libertarianism and take up the flag of people who will actually preserve what our ancestors created rather than what we created. What will do that is Southern Nationalism, not this spineless “principles” crap. Desperate times call for desperate measures and our country has in truth never been in more dire straits. It’s time to grow a pair, Rand.


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