It seems routine now that Westerners, usually single women, sometimes with soyboys tracking along, are killed in foreign countries for being White. These overly-idealistic morons walk right into death’s doorway while chanting “we’re all red on the inside!” In the end they end up headless or mangled after being run over, after being raped most likely.

It’s a sad bit of ignorance these brainwashed millenials engage in. Authorities in Denmark and Norway were subsequently forced to condemn hiking in Morocco after the most recent incident. However, the Independent has made sure to make up for these warnings and now features an article encouraging exactly this female-only hiking trips to Morocco. That’s right, they are encouraging our people to run to their deaths. They know full well about the killings that happened not too long ago but it doesn’t matter to them. In order to get their ad money and push their agenda at the same time they will kill people.

Journalists are sociopaths at this point. When miners lose their jobs they shout, “learn to code,” an insensitive way of saying “get a new job.” When they lose their job however, the world is enacting sick punishment and they are the victim! This really highlights a great deal of leftist psychology. It’s not just journalists that are sociopaths, far from it. Look at Hollywood where propaganda is made every day, laughing in the face of everyday people about the hardships of our modern culture. “Pffft! Fathers aren’t needed! Here, take these anti-depressants that might make you commit suicide! Pop these pills!”

The deaths of despair White people now experience are completely ignored by the left, as are the depression of wages that immigrants bring about. Men who get fired from their jobs for being White just have to deal and can’t so much as discuss their problems or they’re just a “racist.” Oh but the left is so compassionate with minorities as they spread the same drugs and pollute their cultures as well. Black music used to be wholesome, generic music back in the 60s and 70s. Now it’s all about killing the guy across the street because he has a different looking durag and hand gestures.

No, the left hates everyone, everything that is good, but their main target is White people because we are the only true obstacle. They are pyromaniacs looking to burn it all down and laugh while doing so. The second someone punches them for setting fire to society and they are the victims though. These people are vipers.

What we can take away from this story is that they won’t stop escalating it until we’re gone. The end goal is the complete death of the old civilization and that includes the people who made it. Look at Hollywood (again) where so many sex scandals occur. They wish for our children to be just like the ones involved in those scandals and you can see this as they defend rapists and molesters.

Nobody is safe, not the elderly, the disabled, children, or even newborns. All must be destroyed. The left now supports the right to kill newborns as part of the right of a mother and the pedophilia campaign continues to grow stronger day by day.

Yet Rand Paul and other neocons think we’re not in an emergency. No, we’re in an undeclared war and ought to behave that way. Take no quarter with these ill devils, just victory.


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