I sincerely think the Southern people are becoming more and more inclined towards secession or maybe better put, balkanization. Perhaps not a Southern line, as too many of ours look at this as a purely political party struggle instead of a sectional one, but rural and urban, red vs blue etc. There is however much validity to the argument that this is a rural vs urbanite struggle. I have been one of the very few Georgians who has advocated stopping metro Atlanta’s expansion. I think that when one looks at the cities you can really see an apocalyptic future. A future that can and will come true if we don’t balkanize/secede. Just look at any big city and you’ll see the hordes of left-wingers and non-Whites of the lowest sort. People who are completely soulless and full of bitter hate for everything right. An engrained loathing for the Bible and God’s laws. A sadistic rage for White people, who they see as colonizing monsters and slave whipping brutes. This is why they hate us Southerners so much. We, for the most part, are both Christian and White, thus their special hatred for everything Dixie. This is where so many Confederate heritage groups have it wrong. They mistake hatred and loathing for liberal ignorance. While many liberals are ignorant fools, many just simply hate White Southerners. The same can be said for many Blacks, especially Urban Blacks, who slobber at the chance to humiliate White people, especially Southerners. We must realize this, we must throw away the slogans of “Heritage not Hate.” Not because our ancestors “hated” Blacks, which would be untrue, but because we must hate these radicals, and no, I’m not referring to Black people. The people we must hate, with a righteous hatred, are the same group of scum calling for the total removal of all Southern symbols. The subversive student council down at Ole Miss included.

Atlanta City Birds are the sort of people we should hate


Southerners around the South are becoming more and more enraged, rightfully so, over the backstabbing politicians like the Governors of the upper South who have totally rebuked their Southern Birthright to be politically correct. Many of our people have been rallying in the streets, good for them, to show their defiance against the anti-Confederate hysteria. I may have some differences with some of the heritage groups, but I have respect for them going out there and standing against the vile anti-Southern mobs. But we must focus on the bigger picture. The picture is that we are facing an organized invasion and identity purge. A purge that always ends up with blood and enslavement of the targeted people. People need to just look at South Africa a few years ago, the education system there was purging the symbols and the identity of the Afrikaners. Telling them to hate their ancestors and abandon their identity for the mythical “Rainbow Republic”. Now you have Whites being chopped up by African gangs. Mothers having their throats slit and girls being gang raped by Black communistic thugs. What does the South Africa government do? Nothing. What does the US media and journalist say about it? Nothing. When Trump brought the matter up, they just called him a racist and saw it as further proof that he was a White Nationalist! If these people think that a New York Capitalist egalitarian like Trump is a White Nationalist, what hope is there for us. Just think of how much these liberals hate Trump! They literally have a death wish for him and his family for simply him saying that Americans should have the right to decide who enters their country. Trump isn’t even against bringing in hordes of cheap labor, unfortunately, as long as they’re “legal”. So now just seriously consider what will happen when the Stacey Abrams and Alexandria Cortez’s of the world take the helm of the American Empire. Suicide and drug rates in general are already going record high, especially among Whites, and the nation is being invaded by hundreds of illegals. Why In the world would you not want out of this empire? I’m not even saying we’ll be seeing secession, but we certainly need and should push for a breakup of the Union. Secession and balkanization are way more realistic than “reforming” the American Empire s a whole, Making America Great Again. Trump has proven that fact. At this point the man basically is the Swamp, just with occasionally cool tweets. What else would you call a man trying to spread homosexuality around the globe? A man who lied to us about pulling out of Syria, banning birth right citizenship and saving free speech. This all is happening while the socialist state of California and New York are fully embracing wickedness and mass confusion. These Yankee states think getting a sex change for a child is good and that not wanting a baby to get a headshot with a needle of poison makes one a “bigot”. The same people who think “blackface” is more horrible than infanticide. The same people who are boiling a cauldron of wickedness with opioids, pot and other god forsaken drugs. Sin and depravity rule the day in New England and the West and this is the best we’ll get sadly with the US Empire.

True Commander in Chief of Modern Weimar-America

So, what’s the point to keep going people ask? Should we just take our opioids and ropes and be done with this Weimar America? No, we should push forward as a united people. Not united with homosexuals, liberals and blacks but with fellow Southerners. Southerners and even some Northerners are waking up, many see the problems and want something done. The problem is all they get is the sorry and borderline useless GOP and Trump. We must move beyond the American flag waving and zealously shouting “Murica”, we are only feeding the Empire with this sense of actions. The GOP will never enact our policies unless they respect and probably fear us. That will only happen when they see Southerners as a united group willing to throw them to dust if they fail to serve our needs. If they see, we don’t need them, and we see them only as tool. That means we push for secession and start totally abandoning cucks like Governor Bill Lee and others who disrespect our Southern identity. We need to make sure they understand we are done with their backstabbing ways. That we can be just as loud as blacks. That we, not blacks, are the ones that keep the US empire afloat. Thus again, is why I advocate the Southern people join the League. Only a group like the League, who acknowledges were facing a hostile enemy and are willing to stand against that enemy, can save Dixie. Simple neo-confederate heritage groups aren’t enough when the whole moral fabric of our people is under attack. We need one united solid organization that can represent us as Southerners. One that doesn’t foolishly think blacks are somehow our “pals and buddies” like the South Carolina Secessionist Party who are now being disbanded because of the NAACP and black judges. That’s happening because they simply put a CSA sticker on a black kid, who of course wasn’t forced to wear it, so now they must disband according to a black judge. Unlike the various, misguided, heritage groups the League isn’t afraid to be called “racist” or “White nationalist”. They understand the lesson of South Africa and want to do everything they can to prevent that horror from happening to the Southland. It’s Southern Nationalism and a Free Dixie that will save you from becoming a servant to the elite and socialistic non-White rabble. Or you can enjoy paying reparations and having your kids turned into some degenerate plaything for some sick scumbag. Your Choice…….


Trump isn’t gonna save us

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