Once again we see acedemia attacking and underming our identity. For those who don’t know the Ole Miss Student Senate voted unanimously to “move” the CSA monument off campus and to a cemetery. While this little vote caries Little weight it makes me wonder just how they could pass this unanimously. I wonder how many non-Whites sit on the Student Senate, I tried looking but I couldn’t find any site for this. This certainly isn’t he first time these self appointed student senators have tried to grandstand and virtue signal. Only a few years back they tried to ban the state flag of Mississippi. We of course also know how the University has previously tried to purge Dixie heritage by sticking it the school mascot Colonel Reb, despite the wantings of the student body, alumni and people of Mississippi. As far as Colonel Reb went there wasn’t even much black dislike for the mascot compared to triggered Yankee school administrators and liberals abroad. I will say that I don’t believe the University is as bad as UNV and UNC, at least from what I know. Nonetheless the University has fallen in the hands of shameless compromisers and quislings. Quislings that don’t belong on Mississippi soil, this includes the Student Senate. The Governor should demand that all the members of the Senate, since they voted unanimously, be expelled. Why should Mississippi pay the education of such young subversive scum? Our ancestors founded that University thus it belongs to us. This is the exact reason Mississippians led by Governor Ross Barnett fought so hard to keep the University segregated in the 60s. The people of Mississippi new full well that this was what was at state. The total usurpation and destruction of everything that made us Southern, which eventually includes our own blood. Governor Barnett should have made the choice to secede in 62’ instead of trying to play along with Kennedy’s wishes. Now, we must stand United as Southerners and stop pretending like we’re actually represented by the American Empire, otherwise you’ll see more and more statues be removed for the sake of “unity”. You’ll see cemeteries looted and unburied to appease black radicals and leftists. You’ll see Whites, especially Southerners, being forced to pay reparations for slavery, the Democratic Party already seems keen to add that to their 2020 platform.

Is it any wonder that Mississippi wanted Segregation?
We still have hope though 

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