Pro-Israel advocates and neocon warmongers routinely utter their dogma that Israel’s wellbeing actually benefits the United States. PragerU released an entire video dedicated to this mantra, promoting tbe idea that Israel’s defense is somehow America’s defense, but is it really?

From AIPAC’s website, “In an increasingly uncertain Middle East, Israel is the one stable democratic ally upon which America can consistently depend. Cooperation between the two countries in intelligence, homeland security, missile defense and counterterrorism has helped the United States meet its own growing security challenges. And as a result of their strong friendship, the Israel Defense Forces and the U.S. military share technologies and techniques that greatly benefit both nations.

However, technological benefits are few and far between for the United States, especially when Israel spies on us and rips information from our hands. The relationship is lopsided to say the least. Not only that, this relationship significantly hurts America’s relationship with other countries and has bought us many enemies.

As Eisenhower tried to get Egypt on the side of America in the Cold War, it was Israel that got in the way. Indeed, it was Israel that pushed Egypt all the way into Soviet hands and the same can be said for most other Arab nations such as Syria, Iraq, and Jordan. America’s ability to wager influence in those countries was stopped completely, or at least significantly hampered.

It is true that Israel’s victories against the Soviet puppets in the Middle East caused the Soviets to spend unknowable amounts of money propping them up, but the same can be said for America and Israel, and may even be more true given the fact that America was barred from oil and other natural resources as a result of its relationship with Israel. During the October war an oil embargo was imposed on America, estimated to have cost $48.5 billion dollars, that’s over $240 billion in today’s money. How then is Israel a net asset for America?

Fast forward to today and the argument is even more true. Now it is hard to argue that Israel is an asset at all; the Soviet Union collapsed, so what are we trying to use Israel for? Indeed, Israel continues getting us more enemies that we really have no business being enemies with. Take Syria for example, a nation controlled by Assad, a dictator that may be ruthless and uncouth to the Western man, protects Syrian Christians and keeps the country stable when allowed. Sure, his presence allows Russia to increase its influence, but why would America care? They’re not our enemy anymore, or at least they don’t have to be. It is because of Israel that we are at odds with Syria. The same can be said about Iran and Iraq, both countries that are enemies of Israel and therefore enemies of America. But they don’t have to be. We could have kept to ourselves and kept our grubby hands out of the Middle Eastern cookie jar, but for Israel’s sake we didn’t. Support of Israel garners hatred from Arabs, and rightfully so considering Israel continues colonizing parts of Palestine and the Gaza strip. Before Israel existed the Middle East actually liked America because we were so isolationist, but not anymore. Now we must support the zionist rogue state and not to do so would be the worst thing you could ever do! This is why we experience Muslim terrorist attacks so frequently (along with the fact they hate Christians and degeneracy).

How can a relationship with Israel like we have be justified if we cannot levy influence over Israel and only jeopardize our relationship with other nations for their sake? It cannot be justified except by religious morals. But even these religious morals are flawed. It is argued that Abraham’s blessing in Genesis 12 is given unto the Jews in Israel now, but it should be remembered that God’s covenant with the jews was never unconditional and in fact was done away with in favor of the new covenant or the new testament, that those who believe on Jesus Christ will be his people, not just the Jews.

A separate article about this religious conviction will be made in the future, but until then I ask, if God blesses those who bless Israel, why is it that America seems to only grow more cursed? Our nation continues going downhill yet we continue blessing Israel. Is it possible that the Jews are not God’s elect and that the rogue state of Israel is actually at odds with God’s will? I think so and the ridiculousness of the America-Israel relationship only backs up my belief.


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