Anyone who is paying attention to the news cycle is going to be bombarded with news of the mass condemnations of “anti-Semitism”. Right now, Democrats and Republicans in D.C. are having a total brawl over something they both agree on. Both parties have made it very clear that they will not tolerate “anti-Semitism”. Let’s go ahead and be honest, in their eyes anti-Semitism is any criticism, whether or not it is valid, that is against Jews or the state of Israel. This is shown over how they slammed the Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar over her truthful remarks which merely stated Jews/Israel have a lot of influence on congress. As a result, she has been attacked by every single establishment media on both sides of the isle. Even from those who once cried it evil and Islamophobic to call out Muslims. For some reason the rules don’t apply to Jews and Israel. President Trump has become the global defender of Israel and Jews around the world. He will do anything to stop and destroy anything that threatens Israel and the Jews, even calling the Democrats the Party of “anti-Semitism” and “anti-Jewish” sentiments, despite the Democrats being behind congress’s acts to condemn the so-called “bigots”,“Nazi’s” and “anti-Semites” who marched on Charlottesville. (Charlottesville of course was nothing more than a righteous backlash by Whites against the purging of our history, in that case the city’s threat to remove the statue of General Lee.) Plus, they are basically led by Jews like Senator Chuck “The Rat” Schumer and Bernie Sanders, both who, while not always being so explicitly pro-Israel, certainly are defensive of their fellow tribesmen in America. Anyone with sense needs to take a long look at this situation and use their brain. Please take those Zionist lenses off for a second and consider how odd it is that “our” leaders are falling over themselves to prove how loyal they are to a foreign power (Israel) and racial group that makes up around 2% of the American population. Fishy right?

It’s really weird how the GOP is willing to ban the boycotting of Israel, thus entirely ignoring the Constitution’s 1st Amendment but not even consider banning the multiple degenerate trends that are corrupting America? Quite odd indeed.
I recall when I and others said, back in 2016 when mega corporations threaten to boycott Georgia over our Religious Freedom Bill, that the corporations should be forced to withdraw their threats. These corporations made threats to take food off the tables of Georgians over a few triggered homosexuals and our cowardly Governor bent his knee without even a fight. Why not ban them from basically declaring economic war on Georgia? Why not do the same when these same parties threaten the same to South Carolina over the confederate flag in 2015? The average GOP response was freedom of speech and expression. However, we don’t have that right, if we so choose to use it, with Israel? It seems to me that GOP, including Trump are. What else can explain this? Why has there been no Congressional condemnations of anti-White hatred or anti-Southern hatred? These sentiments are certainly shown more prominently than “anti-Semitism”, especially among Democrats, yet when will Trump call them “the party of anti-Whites? Don’t hold your breath. He seems very content on making, perhaps it already is, the GOP the Party of Israel. He doesn’t care about the Southern monuments being torn down by the leftist mobs, the same mobs who regularly threaten harm upon him, his family and supporters. He doesn’t care about the hundreds of Whites losing their jobs due to supporting him, their heritage and right to exist. They lay helpless as they are overwhelmed and targeted by the media and leftwing tormenters. Freedom of speech no longer applies to White people in Weimar-America, unless they’re calling for the demise of their own people or Bible believing Christians. We have Yankee transplants demanding that every namesake and monument of the White South be removed! That even our ancestors’ tombs be molested! This is anti-Southernism!

If Trump has any loyalty to his Southern supporters he would have had the DOJ going after these vandals instead he’s allowing the DOJ to run wild and go after The Pro-Trump Rise Above Movement.

I wonder if he can be honest in 2020 and run on the slogan of “Israel First”. Hey, why take the media loathing for saying “America First” when you don’t even act on it or believe in it? Oh yeah, to win over blind misguided Southerners and other conservatives. He got me the first time, but I won’t fall for the same trick twice. If Trump and the GOP want to be the Party of Israel and Jews and play a tug a war with the Democrats over who’s more for the Jews, go ahead. I don’t feel like I’d even like to touch that rope. I would much rather stand for Dixie First and mind our own business when it comes to the Middle East. I’d much rather side with my own over Zionist zealots who neglect their own country and people for a foreign nation. I believe doing the opposite is called treason.


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