A battle is brewing under the Gold Dome over the fate of the Hartfield-Jackson Airport. The conflict is over who will own the bountiful Airport, the State of Georgia or the City of Atlanta. Currently the Atlanta city birds hold control over the airport, but that could change. I fully back the efforts of Senator Burt Jones, R-Jackson, Senator Renee Unterman, Buford-R, and the rest of the Republicans backing the efforts to take the Airport from the greedy and irrational Atlanta City Hall. Jones has bravely called out the corruption taking place behind the scenes with Atlanta city birds and airport. I believe them, I have no doubt that the grasping urbanites wouldn’t hesitate to help themselves. Let us not forget the Atlanta school scandals! We cannot such a prosperous Airport to be tarnished by the lunatic left. Anything they touch will fall into utter ruin. They are totally irresponsible zealots who lack any sense of morals or obligation of duty.

Ruralite Senator Burt Jones

The response from the Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, is that this is an “act of war”. So? Did not Atlanta almost hand the state over to the gun grabbing socialist Miss Gab-Tooth (AKA Stacey Abrams)? Should we trust such people with the control of the most successful airport in the world? We must begin Caging the Atlanta City Bird, this is one of the ways to do it. We are, metaphorically, clipping the wings of that dangerous subversive bird that hovers over Georgia. We would also be making sure that Georgia becomes more autonomous by taking over the AirPort. This is a step forward from that crony capitalist rubbish about just letting the corporations, in this case Delta Airlines, run wild. Delta Airlines just recently cut ties with the NRA in a disgusting attempt to virtue signal gun rights. Thus, is just one more reason to takeover the vital Airport.

Atlanta City Birds and their Queen

These are just a few reasons to let the Kemp led state government of Georgia takeover the airport. The bill, Senate Bill 131, is heading to the Georgia House next, so make sure you contact your local Representative to vote on the bill. If we fail in this, we are missing a big opportunity to humble the subversive Atlanteans. Remember if the shoe was on the other foot, they wouldn’t hesitate to stick it to us “redneck racists”. We must cast off any pretense of the Atlanta community being our “fellow Georgians or Americans”.

This is what the Atlanta City Birds think about Rural (True) Georgia. To them we’re just backwood hillbillies and redneck white trash

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