In the wake of the Christchurch shooting in New Zealand, the left has been sure to guilt-trip and harass everyone that happens to be right-of-center, calling us the usual slurs and names. Ironically when a Islamic attack occurs, they warn us not to generalize and judge a whole group of people for the actions of one individual.

Make no mistake, what happened in New Zealand was reprehensible and innocents should never come in the line of fire. However, the left’s intolerance to viewpoints that are completely sensible, as well as to the (White) people who hold those sentiments, is unacceptable and hypocritical.

As well all know, whether we admit it or not, Islamic terror is much more of a threat than rightwing terror. Indeed, Islamic terror is common and regular, especially against Christians. In March 2019 so far we have seen 280 Christians killed in Nigeria alone. This begs the question, was the New Zealand shooting really our main issue? But while the third-world sees this all the time and the first does not, it should be stressed that the West is ripe for this kind of violence. Yes, we are on the brink of a Civil War, as evidenced by the increasing polarization of the country.

In Early March a fire began in the home of Jason Ferris in Tom’s Brook, Virginia. With his wife at work and kids in the bed, it began at two in the morning. Thankfully, everyone including the dog got out alive. Graffiti on a detached garage was written “(expletive) the conferacy” and accompanying fingerprints suggests that it was not done by the family. I’ll leave you to make your guess as to who did this and why but the moral of the story is clear, in our own homeland, in places where we are the majority, we are not welcome.

This was done in the Shenandoah Valley, mind you. It is a region where Natives never settled, where Blacks were never a considerable minority (Tom’s Brook is 94 percent White), and most were loyal to and fought for the Confederacy. Nevertheless, hate like this runs rampant in the minds of our “fellow Americans.” The whole scene conjures up the image of South Africa, another land where Europeans settled and are now being displaced despite having every claim to the land. White South Africans are comparatively much more peaceful, tolerant, and productive than their Black counterparts, yet are facing genocide because of Black outrage that someone should live beside them, quietly running their farms and living humble lives.

The same is about to happen here; it will happen here if we don’t do something. Crimes like those in South Africa are less common, sure, and farm attacks don’t happen in any meaningful capacity, but horrible crimes like happen in South Africa do happen here, driven by the same hate and intolerance, a value that increasingly means loving everyone except White Christians.

The shooter in New Zealand was wrong to lash out in the way he did, but his choice was made because of the demographic replacement Western nations now face. Our countries are no longer ours. It is in our best interest we put an end to this replacement, else we get destroyed by slow, gradual genocide.

There will be a coming purge and though it may be hard to believe, you may be in its sights. Stand up for your people and quit obsessing over just your heritage. There’s so more at stake here.


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