A common trope for neocon commentators to justify their weak, pacified platform of unlimited immigration is to push for assimilation. On and on they go about molding immigrants to the native culture, turninf them into Americans, Europeans, Southerners, whichever it is. What they fail to realize is that identity is much more than culture. Southern identity does not come solely from saying y’all, drinking sweet tea, and raising a Confederate flag. Southern culture is not all that being Southern is.

You may seem Southern if you act it, but it does not make you Southern. This is because Southerners are an ethnic group, or rather, a collection of ethnic groups tied together by a common history, culture, and beliefs. A runaway Yankee fleeing Yankee culture can come down and be as Southern as you and me at a glance, but when you get down to it you will find that they most likely are not with it. They may marry into the Southern ethnic group, raise a Southern family, and assimilate theirselves that way, but they themselves, the first-generation transplant, is fundamentally not Southern. Southern by blood is vital to our identity and failing to realize that leads you to civic nationalist sentiments, professing that anyone can become a Southerner, just like those that say anyone can become an American. Neither are true, even for Whites. The predominantly Anglo-Celtic South must remain that way if it wishes to remain Southern. We cannot allow Midwestern Germans to flood our country, bringing their beliefs that they have been raised in. Neither can we allow New English, Mexican, Jamaican, Dominican, African, or Arabs to come here and pretend they are one of us. They are not and never will be and just because someone is White does not change that fact.

Throughout history we see a rule revealed to us over and over again; assimilation does not work. The Germans, French, and Slavs that flooded this country so many generations ago did not assimilate, they kept their traditions and beliefs and married within their own groups, only really changing by adapting to the American Republic’s system and learning English. Ethnic enclaves exist in nearly every country in the world, people just do not abandon their heritage so easily; and really, why should they? The Yankees in the South will not be assimilating either. The answer truly is that they must go back, plain and simple, someway, somehow. If they are not forced back, we will be. Remember that they are the ones who invaded our country and moved down here without our say so.

Unless you want the South to be carved up into little ethnic enclaves, waiting for the purge to be enacted by our brown neighbors, I suggest you put down the Yankee rag and raise the Southern cross. If the government doesn’t become an authoritarian, Marxist tyrant, balkanization will be coming and we must be prepared. Staying with the empire will only drag us down with it. Time for us to choose our own destiny.


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