The glorious news has come in that on Thursday (March 21st) the gallant Governor of Mississippi has signed a bill banning abortion after a heart beat is detected. This is perhaps one of the biggest Whites pills of this year after seeing months of failure and inaction from the national GOP. Already the feminist harpies are beating their war drums over the brave Mississippi people standing against the mass murder of the unborn. Mississippi is truly living up to her legacy as a state of great honor and heritage. I fully commend Bryant for taking the initiative on this and not folding like a coward. He did the right thing and has taken a bold stance on this. He is showing true leadership skills by making it quite clear that in his words that “They [feminists] don’t have to sue us. It’s up to them,” and “If they do not believe in the sanctity of life, these that are in organizations like Planned Parenthood, we will have to fight that fight. But it is worth it.” He also made it clear that “We here in Mississippi believe in protecting and defending the whole life of that child. … From education to safety to healthcare, it is the child that we are fighting for here in Mississippi. And today, Senate Bill 2116 begins that at the earliest possible opportunity.“Brave words, it’s been a while since a governor has spoken such fighting words. The honorable Governor Bryant must push this as far as he can, even if that means a total outlawing of abortions. Indeed, the Federal courts have previously struck down Mississippi’s anti-abortion laws but this time I hope Gov.Bryant will fully stand his ground and fight. He would certainly have Kentucky and her Governor on his side if push come to shove, as they too have passed an abortion heart beat bill. Only for a federal judge to block it. We must however ignore these tyrannical courts. Why should we respect some black robed turn coat judge? Mississippi’s and Kentucky’s elected General Assemblies have made the decision on abortion, they have the right to do so. If their bills are blocked, then they should defy the rulings like true Southern men! What will these mollycoddle judges do if Mississippi and Kentucky defy their murderous rulings? Trump, as foolish as he might be, won’t call the troops on Mississippi over abortion. These mad-dog butchers are helpless to stop us from banning abortion on the state level.

Mississippi Governor Bryant a true Southern man

We must begin reasserting our rights and autonomy as states. Be damned with the glorified suicide pact called “the Union”. We’d be much better off with an alliance among our sister states of the South than under the rule of baby killing New York. Already the South is uniting over abortion, especially since Trump has basically thrown in the towel over doing anything that isn’t in Israel’s direct interest. We must take the initiative and make our General Assemblies act, if we put enough pressure on them, they will. We are winning on abortion, at least in the South, it is one of the few social issues that we can win on. That’s something we can’t miss, tactically for morale, we need dearly a victory. Not to mention we are saving the lives of millions of unborn innocent babies! This is a major rebuke to the pompous egalitarians of the North and West, they really are infuriated that us “hicks and rednecks” dare to defy them on the (false & demonic) narrative that women should have the right to butcher their own offspring. Dixie must give them a resounding “No! You wretched hags have no right to take the life of an unborn”! This is a battle we can win, one I believe the Almighty will reward us for. It is our duty as men and women of the Christian South to stand against such wickedness. If we fail to do so, say we sit at home and take no efforts, then we are a shame to our ancestors and have made ourselves into eunuchs. So, do your duty and let’s ban abortion. Let’s push for the total and complete outlawing of the mass murder of the unborn. Don’t hold your breath for the mollycoddle Supreme Court to do so. They won’t. God Bess Phil Bryant, God Bless Mississippi.


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