Before the war the upper class of the South, the Southern aristocracy, was in tune with the values of the lower class yeomanry. We shared with them the values of Christianity, family, and a common identity. Though the aristocracy abused the lower classes in some ways, it was often the class of leaders and protected the South in this way. It guided the South and aimed it down a path that would have been glorious had the North that betrayed our self-determination.

The Northern upper class on the other hand was a handful of rich business families, the stereotype of industrial-age capitalists. Somewhere along the line, after the war and fall of the Southern aristocracy, our upper class became much like theirs, exploitive, cruel, and sociopathic. The rising influence of the Jewish upper class didn’t help and only furthered this corruption as the upper class became involved in morally reprehensible practices aside from the already existing greed and arrogance. To make a long story short, we are left with an upper class today that is totally detached from its less fortunate brothers. They have lost their roots and lost them long ago. Subsequently we have been gradually pushed into more “progressive” endeavours, now experimenting with rampant homosexuality, transgenderism, and the disenfranchisement of the common man.

The upper class is now pushing to allow illegals to vote and dismantle the electoral college, the last line protecting rural America from city-rule. As much as the alt-right goes on and on about Jewish bankers and globalists, ignoring our own depraved globalists does us a disservice. Our upper class may not be marxists like those found in San Francisco, but they are neocons, selling their people’s soul for a few more bucks.

Having an upper class that refuses to stand up for its people and what is right is extremely dangerous as has become blatantly apparent these past few decades. They are willing to displace their lowerly brothers so that they may have a few decades of increased profits. This is not to excuse the degeneracy the lower classes engage in, but in many ways this degeneracy only increases from self-righteous pushes from the upper classes.

The answer to this issue is not to begin advocating for social safety nets or increased taxes on the rich, no, the problem is much deeper than that. What must be done if we truly want change will be a systematic change of the upper classes, whether that be a sort of physical restructuring in some form or a moral one. The current state of affairs must not persist, lest the upper classes take us all down with them. The existence of an upper class itself is not necessarily the issue, only the existence of one that remains apathetic to the wellbeing of those it shares its nation with. We are being displaced and the wealthy Southerners are either complicit in it or unconcerned. Some may even be wholly involved in the reprobate doings of the marxist cults, involving themselves in questionable rituals and advocating we do the same. To be ruled by a class of people so horribly subversive as this is simply a recipe for upheaval. This will not do.


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