If the truth be told, the union hasn’t existed since 1860 and ’61 when our ancestors decided to break it. A few years later they were supposedly forced back into it, when really they had just been subjegated and forced into something new, an empire. Truly, that is all America is, an empire. It rules with an iron fist, forcing everyone into it, then indoctrinating their children and spitting on their graves as their reconstructed descendants wave the Yankee rag.

America has fifteen colonies under its belt. From the Mason-Dixon line on down the native inhabitants are being pushed out. Slowly but surely, we retreat, fading into obscurity. Maryland was the first to succumb to the invasion, tearing away any semblance of Southernness by the late 20th century. Now all that is left of our people there is a few good ol’ boys living their quiet lives, forgetting about our troubles and turning a blind eye. Missouri and Virginia are quickly doing the same, scrubbing away our history, scrubbing away any memory of our people. We are to be left confused and hopeless as the Yankee and his brown friends replace us. This would rightfully cause great anger, but the Yankee’s reconstruction worked wonders.

Throughout the South our kin proclaim their loyalty to the empire, “God bless America,” they say. Sure, they fly a Confederate flag, but not out of any particular affinity fly the Confederacy, but merely as a hopeless attempt to salvage a piece of their former identity as they fade into just another American subculture. What their ancestors fought for does not matter, all that matters now is flying the Yankee rag alongside the Southern cross and endlessly professing oneself to not be a racist.

The fifteen colonies are slowly becoming Yankee states themselves and were it not for a few select places in the rural vestiges of these states, it might be said that it has already been done for a good few of them. The South will no longer be a land where its people are in tune with nature and thrive in it, using God’s creation to its fullest extent. Now it is a land much like the North, a few key cities and their unidentifiable suburbs. You could look at this and come away thinking the South has ceased to exist. To a certain extent you would be right, the Old South no longer exists, but we are still here, though our adversaries wish that were not the case.

Colonization in progress

You see, they wish to displace us. They wish to destroy us, wipe us from both the surface of the earth and memory. Yet our Southern brothers still claim they are American? It’s time to wise up, you’re Southern and should aim to stay that way. Your loyalty is to the South, not the empire, not to ideologies, not to globalists. Americans haven’t been a thing since the true Americans declared it to not be so in 1861. We founded this nation out of our blood and sweat. When we sought to create our own for just ourselves we got the boot on our neck. The real crime however, was the theft of the minds of our youth. They now prance around, completely unaware that the South is anything more than a culture. No, it is a nation, but not if our enemies have their way.

Loyalties will need to be decided. Who are you with? The globalist Yankee empire? Or the Christian, Southern South?


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