To anyone in Western North Carolina that possesses a brain, Asheville is the neverending stain on the region. A complete and total landfill of human waste from all over. Californians, Yankees, and our own degenerate swine run rampant through its streets. The unfortunate, good-hearted people of the surrounding landscape sadly have to pass through it to do their shopping and work. Most people within a 30 mile radius are regular visitors of the city and subsequently the whole family is, providing a path to liberalism for the youth of this area, alongside “Appalachian” Pennsylvanians who regularly pretend they are one of us.

For what it’s worth, Asheville is a beautiful place, nestled in the midst of some of the highest mountains in the Appalachians, with old-styled homes and the beautiful Biltmore house nearby. Urban sprawl has also been kept to a minimum thanks to the low population. However, the same cannot be said for the people of this city, who maintain hearts filled with wicked desires and subversive thoughts. How many carpetbaggers are in Asheville, I do not know, but I do know that what isn’t a carpetbagger or displaced Latino is most likely some reprobate scalawag who is only their for the gay scene.

Anyhow, Asheville’s typical self-righteousness has shown in a new article where the writers harrangue North Carolina for merely undergoing integration. Now we must have inclusion and equity. Yes, the left is back to using three-syllable words to criticise the natural order of things. Not that they ever stopped. Perhaps inequality exist because humans are inherently unequal? Nevermind that!

North Carolina seemingly doesn’t do enough to police its people’s thoughts. Nor does it do enough to promote “minority rights” and look out for everyone but the majority. It seems that simply allowing for affirmative action and welfare (redistribution) is not enough and never has been. What these Asheville urbanites and urbanites in general want is the total displacement of White people for the cost of slightly elevating minorities. This has been done very successfully as we move millions of third-worlders into this country, depressing the wages, forcing White people to flee their homes (see White flight), ripping money from the taxpayer hands and giving it to minorities, and being overly-generous to minority university-applicants. And these two Black writers have the gall to complain that reparations haven’t been paid. What is welfare, I wonder. In the end everyone shall have access to our schools, our wealth, our land, our culture, our institutions, Hell, why not even our people themselves?

The truth is North Carolina doesn’t do enough to squash this diversity agenda. This state shamefully surrendered to the Federal government’s will in the second reconstruction in just a few years, whereas honorable Alabama and other Deep South states held true to their convictions and stood for their beliefs. Why should my children be forced to submerge and expose themselves to the horrid cultures thst surround us. Why should we have to be so inclusive? Is it not our first amendment right to discriminate for ourselves, whether or not that be good or bad?

North Carolina has bent its knee for too long. Instead of standing for discrimination against Whites, North Carolina should rekindle its Southern roots and stand for its people. This doesn’t and never has meant the oppression of our Black cohabitants, it just means that the majority will be cared for instead of forgotten as many leftists would have.

Instead of tackling traffic issues, ensuring minorities get into places of power they have no right to be in, and opening new job opportunities for more Yankee transplants, North Carolina should be standing against the degeneracy we now currently face in this country. We should be standing for the unborn, for the working man, for the disenfranchised White middle class. We should be tackling the drug epidemic and illegal immigration. Enough with this recklessly fanatic “inclusive” attitude Asheville has. This is not what North Carolina stands for, and why should it?



  1. I completely agree with the arguments you’ve put forward. I see the same thing happening here in Colorado. I am curious ,though, as you mentioned Appalachian Pennsylvanians. I want to know more, as I am a Pennsylvanian “Copperhead”.

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    1. In my experience, many Pennsylvanians move here and identify as with an Appalachian identity but fail to make the distinction that the people of the Southern Appalachians are very different from their Northern counterparts. Many come from Pittsburgh and are usually leftist, resembling the kind of person you would find in Asheville. I had many teachers like this growing up and have met enough of them. I don’t know why they move down here but I suspect it’s because they do have an identity of being Appalachian and so they assume we’re all the same.

      Asheville is filled with people like this. If there is a place that you could firmly call “New South” it would have to be that dreaded city.

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  2. OK, I know that type, all too well. Truth be told, though, there are folk in the mountains that you’d find share many values. Pittsburgh is a hipster town, from what I’ve heard, but as far as I’m concerned, we need to CRUSH THE URBANITE!

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