Over the past few months we have seen many states grow a pair and sctually begin dashing to the metaphorical finish line of the abortion debate, that is the total or almost total outlawing of it. In the past week it has gotten heated in the Southeast in particular as Southern legislatures have stopped debating traffic issues and started debating whether we should really be killing our children after all.

Georgia has started to consider a heartbeat bill that would, as heartbeat bills do, outlaw abortion once a heartbeat is detectable at around six weeks. That’s down from the current 20 week allowance. Of course the left is having their fit. Alyssa Milano called for a boycott on the state, tweeting, “There are over 20 productions shooting in FA & the state just voted to strip women of their bodily autonomy. Hollywood! We should stop feeding GA economy.

AJC on the other hand, was unable to figure out why Georgians had to pick such a controversial bill. Why not tackle more trivial questions like “affordable childcare” as if such a topic warrants even the smallest glance in the face of murdering babies. Thankfully the Georgia bill passes the Georgia Senate and Kemp is sure to sign it.

Meanwhile North Carolina is having its 20 week abortion limit challenged, being called unconstitutional and too restrictive. The judge in question, William Osteen, says the bill is too restrictive and that women should have the right to what they wish with their pregnancy (baby). I wonder if Mr. Osteen would back Ralph Northam’s infamous comments on this subject.

Other states have moved against abortion as well with stricter laws being put in place and heartbeat bills being established and debated in Knetucky, Tennessee, Missouri, and Mississippi, among others.

The left’s call for boycotts of Georgia are truly the important part of these stories. Southern states have been passing bills left and right like these on various social issues, only to be boycotted by globalist companies and have the governor cuck out. No consideration is ever given to what the Southern people want. This truly is nothing but pathetic meddling with our politics. You don’t kill your kids? Well then, you can forget about feeding them!

Clown world is coming home once again, ready to send another wave of punishment on the South’s maintenance of basic morality. Really though, any boycott opens new windows for us. Why not go all out on protecting Confederate monuments or squashing illegal immigration? The boycott may get worse, but social issues are inherently more important than economic ones. Of course, it’s clown world so this won’t happen, but there is no reason any of our governors or lawmakers should be bending their knee to this absurd action. Need I repeat what is at stake? The lives of unborn.

Godspeed to governor Kemp should he choose to remain steadfast. If hr stands for what is right I have faith that the Georgian people will rally behind him.

Jeremiah 1:5
Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.


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