I’d like to address the hostile remarks arch Feminist Alisa Milano has aimed at Georgia. As a true Georgian I would like to give the response of the average Georgian who hasn’t been spoiled by cosmopolitanism. What we Georgians really think about this little wretched New York Jezebel threatening our homes and livelihoods.

“It should instead be called a ‘forced pregnancy bill’ — because it would outlaw abortion before a woman even knows that she is pregnant,” she said. “It’s the most anti-woman bill of its kind in the country, and it sends the exact wrong message about the kind of state Georgia’s leaders wish to create. In short, HB 481 would make Georgia the most regressive state in the country.”
“To Georgia’s leaders: You have worked hard to showcase your state and bring in filming projects that have had a multiplier impact on your state’s economy, but these projects are not a given. I urge you to think hard before making Georgia a state that is not welcoming of women. I urge you to defeat HB 481 and continue to be ‘The Hollywood of the South.”

No, Milano, this is exactly “the message” we Georgians want to give. I’d rather Georgia be the “most regressive state in the country”. If your idea of “progressive” is the murderous state of New York and morally debauch state of California, where you are legally allowed to spread AIDS, then I’d much rather be “Regressive”. So, there’s just one more reason to pass HB 481. We don’t need your overrated and over glorified Hollywood friends filming here. You come to Georgia because it’s cheaper and more welcoming than your much beloved hell hole in California. Perhaps it’s our mistake to welcome such haughty windbags such as yourself and the WGA. Your mere presence taints our native soil.

As far as the Heart Beat being “anti-women” you are completely mistaken. Us here in Georgia love and respect women. However, we do not respect lowly harlots like yourself who love the “party life” over duty and responsibility. Any woman who seeks to have an abortion is not a true woman. At least she certainly isn’t a lady. You should have said this is the most anti-Jezebel bill in America. If you mean “anti-women” as in Georgia doesn’t welcome hedonistic foul mouth whores than you’d be correct. Those sorts of women don’t belong and aren’t wanted in the state of Georgia. As far as becoming the “Hollywood of the South”, that was only the warped dream of brainless crony capitalist neo-cons, who’s candidate lost to Brian Kemp in our Primary. We reject any notion of becoming like Hollywood, there is nothing Southern about Hollywood. Hollywood is a den of morally debauch nuts like yourself who live fast and die hard. Your cosmopolitan way of life, whether from New York or California is not wanted in Georgia. Georgia will remain Southern, meaning we embrace the laws of God, which means we won’t be allowing the mass murder of the unborn anymore. This is Georgia not New York. You and the rest of your liberal jackals are not wanted here. I hope with every ounce of my being that you and Hollywood leave Georgia and never come back. I care not for your 30 blood tainted pieces of silver. Georgia will put the lives of the unborn above the whims of irresponsible hussies. I can’t wait for Georgia to overturn the travesty of decision of Roe V Wade.


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