I’d like to go over the proposed Legislation by Dr. Michael Hill (AL), President of the League of the South.

The League of the South understands the need to protect Southerners and their historic cultural heritage from those who seek to defame and destroy both them and it. Hence, we are seeking to get the following legislation introduced into our Southern State legislatures and into the US Congress. If such legislation is good for Jews and the Holocaust, then it’s good for Southerners and The War of Yankee Aggression as well. After all, it was largely Southerners who settled the North American wilderness and founded the country. We were here long before the Jew came into an already settled, pleasant place. Our blood, sweat, tears, brains, and ingenuity built America, and we think our story should be protected from lies and distortion.–Michael Hill”

We want a bipartisan bill that introduces studies on the causes, conduct, and horrible aftermath (aka Reconstruction) of The War of Yankee Aggression into the curriculum of the US education system, and establishes a federal fund that would provide teachers with the resources and to teach the horrific details of this terrible period in our history and its consequences. We also want to develop textbooks and seminars on the subject. The bill comes in the wake of a recent wave of anti-Southern attacks in the US on our beloved symbols, monuments, songs, and even on our people themselves.
League of the South Chief, Michael Hill, said “this legislation is an important step in combating the rise of anti-Southernism in America.”
“The rise of anti-Southernism in our country is extremely disturbing, and I fear for the future of our Southern people, especially our children and grandchildren. Our people and the physical manifestations of their sublime culture are under attack by those who would deprive us of the inheritance given us by our noble ancestors,” Hill said. “We need to take proactive steps to combat this hatred. We must begin educating people, especially our young people, about the horrors of The War of Yankee Aggression and how hate, evil, intolerance, and ignorance can lead to both the cultural and actually physical genocide of a people.”
“Charlottesville, Chapel Hill, New Orleans, Memphis and other recent campaigns against the symbols and monuments to our Southern heritage require profound educational reform,” said Hill. “This legislation will lead to a revolution in Southern studies in the United States, and prevent a new generation from forgetting the past, which is essential for a secure future.”“The reality in which the majority of the young people in the US are not aware of the egregious nature of Reconstruction, for instance, is distorted and must be rectified. This will allow American students to understand what anti-Southernism can ultimately lead to,” added Hill

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I fully promote such legislation proposed by Hill. I think such legislation is certainly worth pursuing on the state level. There are many state legislators in Southern General Assemblies who would back such legislation. We need to detach ourselves from the rotten and corrupt national scene. The D.C Swamp will never be reformed, never. Hill and the League of course know this fact, thus why they push for Southern Independence. For such an Independence we need to foster a solid sense of Southern Identity among the Southern youth and people’s. Our states still hold power over the education systems, while they have neglected it a strong push from a organized Southern mass could very well get them moving again. Unlike the politicians in Washington our state level officials our more likely to take our sides. If we ever want a Free Dixie we must be the lighting bolt which relights the various Southern states into action. We can waste our time arguing over Yang, a Chinese leftist, or Trump, a New York Plutocrat, but they will never truly liberate the South. We must start now before our entire home front is swallowed by the metro-cosmopolitan leviathan cities like Atlanta, New Orleans and Durham. We must begin reasserting our wills on and over our states. Like Pres. Hill said, our blood built this land, their memory deserves to be preserved, honor and respected.



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