For those who haven’t heard the Hollywood elite have rallied to harlot Milano’s call to arms against the state of Georgia. You have liberal scumbags like the uber land wale and kinsmen to the New York Rat, Amy Schumer and the smug son of a whore Ben Stiller. You also have the rancid hog Rosie O’Donnell and the Christ hating Jewish wench Sarah Silverman, who once openly about bragged Jews killed Jesus, threatening our state. Basically, you have the typical subversive group of Hollywood “stars” demanding Gov. Kemp veto the bill. We really should pass the bill just to rid ourselves of these Hellyweird swine. Heck, Governor Kemp should round up these subversive nuts and jail them for their threats and calls of economic warfare. They need to be humbled for their massive sense of entitlement. Who do these windbags think they are demanding that we Georgian’s roll over like a scared mongrel dog? Milano herself was at the state capitol herself with her feminist cat lady fans behind her screaming over how they deserve the right to butcher their own off spring. She had come to deliver her black mail letter, signed by her Hollywood conspirators, to Governor Kemp. This almost strikes me as some sort of scene from Greek legend. I truly wish Governor Kemp, he was not at his office when the she-devil arrived, had called upon the state police to arrest Milano and her foul mouth gang of jezebels. Just imagine the utter shock that would give the arrogant Milano. She no doubt considers herself untouchable and above the laws of Georgia. I could tell when watching her twitter video, no doubt made to show off for her allies abroad, how taken aback she was when admirable Rep. Dominic LaRiccia asked her what district she was from. She was so offended that, in her Yankee mind, some backwoods hick Georgia official might dare have the pomp to ask such a famous and greatly beloved actress such as herself what right she had to decide Georgia’s fate. What an egotistic harpy! She no doubt was probably offended that the Governor himself wasn’t there to bow down and greet her. Thus, is why I want Governor Kemp to have her arrested and charged with subversion and exile her. The State Police are at his disposal, use them. We must let these interlopers know that they have no right to tell us what to do. That we despise them as they despise us. I guarantee that Milano is probably back at home boiling her cauldron and cackling about how she’s gonna make “those white trash hicks” submit to Hollywood. In her typical Yankee ways, she thinks that we need to be guided into knowing right and wrong, after all we’re just “a bunch of inbred violent uneducated rednecks”.   At least that’s how media friends portray Southerners. Be damned with these Hollywood parasites, we must put up our old Georgia banners and declare our selves pro-life. Let Hollywood take their slimy hell ridden ball and go home.

Kemp and the State Police could easily arrest the interloper scourge 

Note to reader: I will be continually keeping track of the fight between Georgia and the Hollywood elite, my bet’s that Governor Kemp’s is going to stand his ground on this and pass the bill this month or the May. When he does all hell is gonna break loose with Hollywood actually trying to force Georgia to overturn the bill through constant attack or they’ll just back off. It all really depends on what Kemp decides to do. Whatever the case is I’ve been waiting since 2016  for round two of Hollywood vs Georgia. Go Georgia!


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