It is well past time that we stop putting our energy into “reforming” the system. I keep hearing this debate over Yang and Trump for presidency. The argument is void. Yang won’t win the Democratic Primary, and no the Alt Right does not have enough muscle to turn the tide in that department. Yang’s support base is among young college aged people, Asians, “moderate” Democrats and disaffected Trump supporters. These people are a small minority in the Party, unlike when Trump was elected you had a large untapped number of nationalist populists and border hawks to back him. The Democrat Party on the other hand is filled with anti-White leftwing zealots and non-Whites.

Democratic ranks aren’t gonna let Yang’s aims pass when they can stick it whitey with Sanders or Biden

We should focus on pushing the message on the state and local level instead. There are many rural areas in the South that would be very susceptive to the message of Southern Nationalism. We also should localize the message. Learning the tactics of former state level leaders is necessary to gain wisdom in this state battle. We must begin building strongholds all across the South. This might come across to some as me suggesting trying to hypocritically “reform the system” but it is the opposite. I merely suggest picking up the pieces of a broken dying system and use what ever suits us or is useful to us, whatever isn’t you simply throw a way. The Federal government on the other hand is the obsessive horder with its many useless positions and departments, all being payed for on the tax dollar. The goal is to make sure our activists and warriors have a place to fall back to and feel safe. Our enemies certainly have this in the form of massive strongholds like Charlottesville and New Orleans. Little nests that they control and have weaponized against their enemies, whether Pres Trump or Rightwing protesters. This is why you see Antifa thugs getting away with blatant crimes like the destruction of the Durham monuments and Silent Sam. The local judges and officials always come to their rescue. Meanwhile, our officials wouldn’t hesitate to virtue signal us and throw us under the bus like with the JEB Stuart rescue squad incident.
We must begin winning local positions. Just one Mayorship of even a small town could make a huge difference to our movement. Just one town where we could actively have events and marches, unmolested by red thugs could be a massive boost to morale for our guys. Morale is just as important to a movement as numbers. That’s why Black Pills are dangerous and toxic to our cause. Having events and rallies should be to boost comradery and morale, and perhaps bring in money for future events. You can do this if you control a local town. You’d have the power to enforce the law on the violent leftwing thugs. We saw this back when you had Bull Connor running Birmingham and Leander Perez running Plaquemines Parish. These men made their local areas into fortresses of defiance against the GloboHomo. My main point is we shouldn’t put so much value on the 2020 presidential race especially if it harms unity within the Southern Nationalist Movement.

Imagine if we we’re actually allowed to march and do events without hostile communists coming to butcher us


  1. I am all for this approach to unify Southern nationalists and build our movement. There are literally hundreds of small towns in each Southern state that this strategy could gain a foothold with little or no resistance. I did say on another page that a revival of the Dixiecrat party would also give us a vehicle to bring our people together however it was not to be construed as wanting to reform the “system”…

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    1. So many people are foolishly wasting time with National politics when the hope lays closer to home


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