Florida is under siege by the Yankee and his brown henchmen which he imported from the third world; every day more of our once beautiful and green prairies and our swamps are being developed into condominiums for these invaders to live in as they continue to pour into our great state. Aside from this, these invaders are attacking Florida’s native culture, history and identity by removing monuments dedicated to her heroes which fought for her independence in the war of Northern Aggression, by renaming our roads and schools named after our heroes etc.


These things are all the result of federal occupation, which Florida has been under since 1865. Since then, Florida and her people have been under attack by New England and it’s leftist policies and these assaults upon our land are bound to get worse; our state is being erased by the forces who occupy her and it is time we stop these forces before they strip Florida of all her natural beauty and erase her folk; the Florida cracker is dying out and being replaced by Yankee transplants who aim to urbanize our state and continue to flood it with immigrants, they seek to exploit Florida for all that she is worth and have been doing so for over 156 years. The time has come to end this!

Florida man, it is time to reclaim your land and preserve your home for your posterity! If we do not act now and halt the degradation of our home at the hands of the carpetbaggers and scalawags then Florida will be lost forever, as demographics are continually shifting against our favor, which is why Ron Desantis barely won the last gubernatorial election.

Floridians have to stand against big agriculture, against foreign corporations hurting our local economy bringing in more third worlders and we must stop the urbanization of our state. South Florida along with central Florida have already been heavily colonized by foreigners who care nothing for our state, those areas have become leftist Yankee hell holes, don’t let that spread any further and fight back! Time is running out. Do you want all of Florida to be like Miami?

Floridians must retake control of Florida and control her destiny, not the Yankee. Floridians must resist the harmful policies imposed by the US empire which are destroying our state and reassert their dominance in the land their ancestors gave them.

The time to fight back is now my fellow Floridians, and I hope that we reclaim our state and free it from it’s occupiers once and for all!

God bless Dixie!

By Joseph Quintero


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