The media has a tendency to grip all talk on a topic and strangle it until their narrative is the only one being thrown around. They have been doing this very ruthlessly for the last few years, now attacking anyone and anything that does not add “context” to its memory of the War.

Recently the mayor of Ocala, Florida, has come under fire for declaring April 26 as Confederate Memorial Day. If anything warrants unanimous condemnation from the leftist media, it is endorsing the Confederacy. But so-called historians are now jumping in. “Historian” Kevin Levin (wonder where that name came from) even went so far as to say, “This is pure cowardice. Ocala, Florida Mayor Kent Guinn signs a proclamation for Confederate Memorial Day, but no effort is made to say what the war was about or what it resolved. What ‘tragic events’ between 1861 and 1865? Was the emancipation of 4 million people ‘tragic’?”

No Kevin, this is the opposite of cowardice. Cowardice would be appealing to leftist mobs and not being proud of your heritage, tearing it down even. Cowardice is a grown man giving up to a few loud college students and people in the media that hate him already. Of course, Mr. Levin knows this is not really cowardice, he just says that to get what he wants. The tragic events of the War was the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps even millions, White and Black alike. What was tragic was the death of 600,000+ soldiers, not even counting the civilians that died from careless bombardments, famine, exposure, and disease.

Of course, Levin and his ilk don’t care about any of that, what they care about is dismantling a stable society and subjegating its people. They couldn’t care less if Blacks are free or slaves, it is irrelevant to them. What matters is if the Southern man is free or a slave. Ah, now that interests them!

This is the kind of absolute scum that lurks in our universities and colleges. These sinister psychopaths care little what havoc their reckless “progressive” ideals will bring, all they care about is destroying what is good and right. Why couldn’t slavery have ended legally by paying slave owners like in every other Western country? That way many people would keep their lives and property. These so-called historians pay no mind to the destruction wrought by the war, only the chaotic and inevitable end it brought to slavery. True history never entered their list of priorities. What did is subversive behavior, iconoclasm of anything and everything that has to do with a White man, even in the remotest sense.

As for the mayor of Ocala, I highly implore him to continue actions like this. Give it to the leftist outrage mobs, the average person doesn’t would be right with you, even in a lukewarm rightwing town like Ocala. I know for sure the Southern people would be grateful for someone to finally push back or at least stand up to the Marxism standing at the door. Taking a center stance has been done for much too long and we have nothing to gain from it. Nobody, no matter how big or small, should be intimidated by these mobs because you only have one choice, and that is to fight.


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  1. My, how things change! It wasn’t too many years ago that I appeared before the County Council meeting of Volusia County, Florida (just south of the county where Ocala is located) asking Volusia County to do the same thing. They very happily, and without a single word of condemnation, signed the proclamation of April being Confederate History Month. I was presented with a lapel pin with the County seal, and shook hands with each of the County Councilmen.

    As for Kevin Levin, the Boston-based history teacher (indoctrinator of students) – he replied to several of my blog posts to try to smear the reputation of our people. That, of course, is his right to do, but I just dismiss him as a public school baby sitter whose hobby is smearing The South.

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