My fellow Southerners we are at a point where we can no longer sit on the sidelines, at least not if we are to ever wish to hold our heads high. The South is under siege. Me and my fellow writers on this site have written numerous articles explaining what dire trouble lays over the Southland and her people. We, unlike some black pilled folks, point to the fact that there is hope. I believe such hope only rests with God and Southern unity.

First off, we will fail if God is not with us. Luckily for us our enemies, who love to parade children in drag at homo erotic nightclubs, are firmly aligned with Satan. So, infer what you will. We are in a massive long-term struggle with the powers at be. Whether the media, Swamp critters, Yankees, black radicals (e.c NAACP), elitist Jews, communists, globalists, Democrats, scalawags or bankers they’re all really the enemy. This is why we must unite around the Southern Nationalist banner; we won’t win by purely anyone means and certainly not lone wolfing. This is why I have come to support groups like the League of the South and Identity Dixie, these are groups that are actually standing up for the Southern people. The title of this article is “Put on the Blackshirt”, the shirt I’m referring to is the black polo of the League. The League is truly a group with much potential, a group that is willing to risk life and limb to actually defend our Southern monuments. That’s far more than I’ve seen Trump and the National GOP do. Did Trump ever stand on the streets on New Orleans against hundreds of red communist thugs and Black Lives Matter? The League has. There brave men and women have stood toe to toe with the violent gangs of the left. Is the League perfect? No, but I seriously doubt any current political group is. However, there hell of a lot more reliant than the sorry do-nothing President. The League has been fighting for a Southern homeland and traditional Southern values all the way back in the 90’s all while being hounded by the godless anti-Christian SPLC. The SPCL is still used as a source by the federal government. The federal government is doing everything in their power to fight “white nationalism”. To them “White Nationalism” is of course any Whites who want to look out for their own group interests. The League’s leaders know this, the GOP deny this and parrot the leftist jargons about combating “hate”. Any true conservatives like Roy Moore, Cory Stewart and Mark Harris are lambasted and backstabbed by the GOP elites. Again, why do we remain so loyal to these spineless slime balls?

Band of Communists patrolling streets of New Orleans
LS bravely standing group in New Orleans

My main point is that we’d be much better shifting our loyalty to the League of the South than the lethargic GOP. The GOP/Trump have failed on almost every front to stop the Democrats, they have won the Presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court and they have done nothing to stop the massive shutdown of free speech. They also have allowed Antifa to run roughshod over their entire base, those clowns like Romney and Rubio are only willing to condemn the White heroes who lawfully marched on Charlottesville. They have done a weak job at stemming immigration with only Jeff Sessions (an Alabama man) doing the deporting, only for Trump to soften the “separation policies”, which had a huge impact on bringing down immigration, as to not appear a bad guy. He signed an executive order for that, but not for free speech or against Antifa thugs. Do you think a South ruled by the League would allow such crimes to go unpunished? No! The League ranks are filled with military veterans, business owners, street activists, doctors and authors, all who are brave men unlike the slippery toads like Lindsey Graham. The League in the last 2 years has done more for Dixie than the entire GOP congress. When I see Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney leading the MAGA Guard against leftwing hoodlums I’ll change my mind. Don’t hold your breath. We have only a few years left until the Democrats take back the Presidency and even the Senate. They will come back with a vengeance of four (maybe eight) years of pent up lunatic leftist anger. Unlike the GOP they will weaponize every department and agency of the government against the Conservatives of America. They’ll be back for reparations for slavery and for a massive tax raise on the Middle class. They’ll be back for guns and whatever remains of free speech that the corporations haven’t already took. They’ll be back to humiliate the White people of America, especially those “backwards Southerners”. They’ll be led by the AOC’s and the Maxine Waters with Elizabeth Warren beating the Injun war drums and Nancy Pelosi flying over on her broom hollering like a mad banshee, leading this army will be either Vermont Socialist Bernie Sanders or Pennsylvania Pervert Uncle Joe Biden. I’m sure Miss Gab Tooth Stacey Abrams and Andrew “Monkey Boy” Gillam will be back down South down cheerleading them the whole way. What will you do in the time before then?

These people will have no mercy for us once they take power
The Left is already building their army while the “conservatives” pray for peace of unity. That’s not a good thing.










I’d suggest joining the League of the South as soon as possible. They need all Southerners aboard if they are to Free Dixie and defeat the lawfare of the left. We must Free Dixie, our rights our already being threaten and taken. The mission of the League of the South is to do such. You don’t necessarily have to do street activism if you join, they’re roles every Southern man and women can play for the movement. If you’re a father teach your sons to be loyal Southern patriots. If you’re a mother have as many young Southern babies as you can have. If your wealthy help fund the League’s legal defense fund. If you have military experience help fellow Southern nationalist with bettering the military abilities. If you know how to sew you can help create Southern banners and League shirts. If you’re good at medical care become an aide to the street activist members. If your good at writing, make articles for The Free Magnolia. If you have strong oratory abilities make speeches advocating for Southern Nationalism. If your good with design, make League posters. If your good with people start your own League Chapter. If you popular and well connected in your local area run for public office as a Southerner. If your specialty is music than help perform at LS events and write new Southern Nationalist ballads. If your well knowledged in history make Southern Nationalist perspective videos and books for our people. Every true Southerner has a role to play in Freeing Dixie. Don’t count yourself out because you may not be able to do street activism. Your other skills may be what makes the difference between defeat and victory.

League warriors fearlessly marching through the most leftist city in the South, Charlottesville. The left fears gallant men like these, thus is why they are determined to silence them.
Leaguemen sucessful beating by violent Communist hordes (notice the red commie flag in the right hand bottom corner)

pls go the Leagueofthesouth.com for info about joining if your interested


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