I have been very impressed by the Governor’s firm and principled stand against abortion. He has gone out of his way to state that he will sign the heart beat bill, despite the threats and bulling by the Hollywood elite. I can 100% say that I’m glad I back Kemp after Michael Williams lost in the original GOP Primary in May 2018. Kemp seems to be quickly Southernizing the Georgia Republican party as he promised during the campaign. He’s working to make good on his promises to reinvigorate Rural Georgia. In his own words he’s made it clear that “We cannot change our values of who we are for money”. This goes right in the face of the horrible do nothing Deal administration. Which along with house speaker David Ralston did everything in their power to stop “controversial” social conservative legislation from making it to deal’s desk. When southern social legislation actually did make it to his desk like the campus carry bill and the religious freedom bill, he vetoed it. The straddle bug Deal establishment fully embraced the crony capitalist wet dream while trying to larp some warped New South dream of Henry Grady, a man who valued southern tradition. Deal’s fraction however is being utterly pushed back by the younger, in comparison to the aging neo-cons, republicans like Lt governor Duncan, Rep Ed Spetlzer, Sen Unterman and Sen. Burt jones. Now, we actually starting to get real populist Legislation like the heart beat bill and the takeover of Hartsfield-Jackson Airports. On top of this we are soon going to see public funds going to private institutions instead of the wilder public school systems. Kemp’s actions are sending windbags like Ralston into the fetal position as they realize that neo-con rule over Georgia is over.

happy kemp

Nathan Straddle Bug Deal might have been willing to roll over to the Atlanta corporate class and Hollywood, but Governor Kemp will have no it. He realizes that Ralston’s and Double Deal’s game plan of playing it safe and straddling the fence is the true reason why Democrats were almost able to win the governorship last year. I’m sure if Deal’s pawn Casey Ceagle would have won the primary we would have Miss Gap Tooth sitting under the Gold Dome today. Luckily, the Georgia people wised up and realized that they didn’t have to put up with the neo-con cowardice that ruled the state for 8 years. 8 years that have seen the state on the edge of black socialism. 8 years of having hundreds of Yankees, Californians and Latinos move to Georgia to feed off the ‘economic progress” created by the neo-con’s orgy of crony capitalism. Kemp is only at 4 months into his term and he and the Georgia GOP have accomplished more than Trump’s national GOP has in 2 years. Again, this is why we should focus on the state level. The swamp is not where were going to win. If we have any progress it will be on the local and state scene. As I pointed out last year, we’re slowly re-southernizing the state of Georgia. Our main competitors and road block was the Deal neo-cons. With those old fools out of the way we will be able to actually defend our state from the Democrat Marxist jackals. Keep in mind that our ultimate end is a free Dixie. This is part of getting us closer and closer to that glorious day of independence. Georgia must side with tradition and the southern values; I believe kemp is quickly pushing our state to become more Southern Nationalist and autonomous. That is the way forward not trying to run unsuccessful us senate campaigns and laughable presidential runs. The line is being drawn in Georgia between anti-White socialists like Stacey Abrams and between populists like Governor Kemp, the middle ground is sinking. That’s a good thing. While the same can be said about the national scene, the GOP there are totally unwilling to do anything other than throw money at Israel and big business while ignoring their social conservative agenda. That was the way it was in Georgia when Deal and Ralston were in charge, we had populists like Ray McBerry run against the Atlanta business establishment in 2010 but they lost. These neo-cons have longed held power only by being the “lesser of two evils”, however with the emergence of Trump that paradigm has changed. While Trump has pretty much gone full neo-con himself his rhetoric was proven successful with the GOP base, the common man. So, now we seeing a new emerging class of Southern politicians who previously were silenced by sniveling cowards like Ralston taking charge. Again, this all benefits us since a lot of these men like Kemp are actually seemingly serious about their campaign promises. We as Southern Nationalists must NOT let the do-nothing National Republican Party take credit for this shift and use some false dream of “reform” become the aim of our people. No, this shift is grass roots, and it what ever Kemp does can only remain permanent if we secede and become autonomous. Otherwise the Abrams gang of interlopers will change it all. Right now, we are in a decent spot to begin winning seats in the Georgia General Assembly and perhaps pushing through Pro-Southern legislation. We must however not allow some sappy kumbaya sentiment to reemerge among the state. Ralston is the pusher of this mumbo jumbo about watering down the message as not to lose metro-Atlanta, of course he’s unwilling to fight and instead seeks appeasement like he’s done for the last 8 years. Luckily for us Kemp and Lt Governor Duncan have been steam rolling that Lilly Liver. If we keep up the “controversy” by passing legislation which undermines and triggers the Atlanta based liberals than we’ll benefit.

Keep an eye on the gold dome folks, not the D.C swamp………….


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