Since Brett Kavanaugh gained a seat on the Supreme Court, states have been ramming through heartbeat bill aftee heartbeat bill, limiting abortion and tying the noose tighter and tighter. None have, as of yet, passed a bill banning it outright, though that fight is going on. Heartbeat bills have the purpose of sending abortion to the Supreme Court which would potentially lead to Roe V. Wade being overturned, leading to states’ rights being implemented.

However, heartbeat bills likely won’t be the bills that do that. What will is the outright banning of abortion, sending abortionists and the delusional mothers to jail for participating in such a thing. If we believe fetuses are human lives that started at conception, this is the only logical step. We are allowing murder, for our babies no less. It’s time to step up the stakes

Texas is doing just that with Texas House Bill 896 which would ban abortion statewide and warrant the death penalty for anyone crazy enough to attempt one. It’s an extreme measure but for the pro-life movement, this extreme is the only acceptable outcome. Every fetus that is aborted is another life lost and 60 million+ have been lost already. Though I highly doubt the bill will pass to the point I might be willing to bet on it (hopefully I would lose), this is the golden standard and is what it will take to send it to the supreme court, seeing as how leftists have resisted the urge to sue current heartbeat bills, though courts have been giving them Hell. Thankfully Mississippi and Alabama have joined the fight for outright or near-outright bans, with other states trailing behind with heartbeat bills and similar legislation. In Texas, the bill has just had its first hearing in committee with a total of 446 people testifying in favor. They invoked passages from the Bible in their defense of it in the face of meaningless chants and dogma from leftist drones. The sight must have been one to see, especially in this day and age. The mere proposal of a bill like this is surely a whitepill.

The war we are fighting is total war and abortion is just one weapon the left uses. Through it they allow our daughters to kill their offspring and thereby reduce our population and prevent it from growing. It is an evil, wicked practice that should recieve no quarter. To be sure, our fight is not over but victory is not out of sight, not on these grounds.

Hats off to Texas for even considering this bill, and Godwilling they will pass it.


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